Create SSH SSL / TLS Premium Account at SSHOcean

on this occasion I will provide tutorials and information about How to Create a Premium SSH SSL / TLS Account on SSHOcean for Free, Before discussing it I will provide a little information about SSH, We can create a Premium SSH Account with an active period of 7 days.

The SSHOcean site only has a few Premium Servers from several continents such as the Americas, Europe, Asia and Australia, but the Australian continent doesn’t have servers in those countries. unlike other sites that have many servers in various continents and various countries such as the FastSSH site

The SSH Ocean site has 8 servers in Asia Continent, 5 servers in America Continent and 2 servers in Europe Continent and also 0 servers in Australia Continent

Advantages of SSHOcean Site for Premium SSH Account Creation

  1. Safe Browsing = 99% Work Prefectly.
  2. SSH Account = 99% AutoCreate.
  3. High Servers = 99% Premium Servers.
  4. 7 Days Active = 99% Strong Protection.
  5. Fast Servers = 99% Best Servers.
  6. Stable Server = 99% Faster Connections.
  7. Anonymous = 99% Secure Access.
  8. Game Support = 99% Fast Servers.

What is SSH???

Secure Shell or SSH (ssh terminal server) is a network protocol that allows the exchange of data over a secure channel between two network devices. Primarily used on Linux and Unix-based systems to access shell accounts, SSH was designed as a replacement for Telnet and other insecure remote shells, which transmit information, especially passwords, in plaintext that is easy to capture. The encryption used by SSH provides confidentiality and integrity of data over an insecure network such as the Internet.

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A dedicated hosting service, dedicated server, or managed hosting service is a type of internet hosting where the client rents an entire server that is not shared with anyone else. It is more flexible than shared hosting, as the organization has full control over the server(s), including choice of operating system, hardware, etc. There is also another level of dedicated or managed hosting which is commonly referred to as complex managed hosting. Complex Managed Servers apply to physical dedicated servers, Hybrid servers and virtual servers, with many companies opting for a combined hosting solution (a combination of physical and virtual).

There are many similarities between standard and complex managed hosting but the main difference is the level of administrative and technical support that customers have to pay for – due to the increasing size and complexity of infrastructure deployments. Provider measures to take over most of the management, including security, memory, storage and IT support. This service is primarily proactive. [1] Server administration can usually be provided by the hosting company as an add-on service. In some cases, a dedicated server can offer less overhead and a greater return on investment. Dedicated servers are most often placed in data centers, similar to colocation facilities, providing redundant resources and HVAC systems. In contrast to colocation, the server hardware is owned by the provider and in some cases they will provide support for the operating system or application.

Using a dedicated hosting service offers the benefits of high performance, security, email stability, and control. Due to the relatively high price of dedicated hosting, it is mostly used by websites that receive a large amount of traffic.

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Immediately I will give the tutorial below

How to Create a Premium SSH SSL / TLS Account on SSHOcean

Create SSH SSL / TLS Premium Account at SSHOcean
  • first you have to visit the SSH Ocean Support site SSL / TLS
  • Then choose from SSL / TLS 1 – 10 , which is not yet FULL

if you are not clear can see the image below

choose an SSH server that supports ssl and TLS
  • For example, I will take SSH SSL/TLS 14

Protocol: SSL/TLS
Location: Singapore
SSL Port: 443
Active: 3 days
Remaining: 11 from 100

  • Then Press Create
  • Then we fill Username, Password according to your own taste and Chaptcha

e.g. Username: Grupremaja

if you are not clear can see the image below

Entering Username and Password

Then Wait A Few Seconds Until The Account Is Completed

The following is an example of an SSH SSL/TLS Premium account

Sample SSH Premium Support TLS account

Success! You account was successfully created.

  1. Server: /
  2. Username: sshocean-kumpulanremaja
  3. Password: groupremja
  4. SSL/TLS Port: 443
  5. Created date: 12 Jan 2018
  6. Expired date: 15 Jan 2018

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