Cyren Antivirus Review and How to Use Cyren on Android

on this occasion I will convey some tutorials about Cyren Antivirus Review and How to Use it on AndroidSuperior detection-Maximum protection Cyren addresses the growing threat from malware with our proactive Embedded Antivirus solution that maximizes protection while minimizing the burden placed on the device or the underlying software.
Features include:

  1. Multi-layer detection for a single or additional engine – Embedded Antivirus operates with heuristics, emulation and signatures as a single comprehensive engine, or you can layer Cyren Embedded Antivirus as an add-on engine for additional detection advantages.
  2. Certified technology – Embedded Antivirus maintains certification from Virus Bulletin and ICSA Labs.
  3. Low resource consumption & bandwidth – Low CPU and memory usage delivers implementation with only half of competing hardware; our engine and update <2MB so the definition file can be compressed to 35MB.
  4. Support for multiple types of embedded devices – Cyren technology is quickly integrated into the product portfolio of a number of endpoints and applications, including:
  5. Mobile security – Provides real-time protection from Android malware, phishing, and other web threats.
  6. Infrastructure devices – Addresses the growing need for Antivirus protection on infrastructure devices, such as Network Attached Storage (NAS) platforms, with high detection and performance.
  7. Gateway – Embedded Antivirus uses only half the servers of other vendors due to low resource requirements and fast file processing. The result is high performance and industry-leading detection.

Full Review of Cyren Antivirus

cyren antivirus review

Distinguish yourself with superior security

Cyren Embedded Antivirus is a trusted solution for many of the world’s largest technology brands and offers the best Anti-malware option for hardware, software and service providers who need a security solution that combines detection and maximum performance. Benefits include:

Low resources – Cyren’s unique footprint fits into any hardware or software environment – including mobile phones – without affecting performance.
Industry-leading protection – Embedded Antivirus is the same technology trusted by NETGEAR, Microsoft, Websense and others.

  1. Low Total Cost of Ownership – Cyren Embedded Antivirus combines Cyren’s other Internet security services, such as URL Filtering, into one unified engine.
  2. Mobile market differentiation – Differentiate your product in the market at a lower price.
  3. Flexible upgrades – Our Cyren integrated engine is shared by Cyren Embedded Antivirus and other Cyren security services, allowing you to quickly add new capabilities.
  4. Partner-based business model – Cyren offers a flexible commercial setup and deployment model to suit your business needs

Powerful analysis detects malware instantly

Embedded Antivirus is powered by Cyren’s proprietary GlobalView™ Cloud infrastructure and patented Recurrent Pattern Detection™ technology. Cyren analyzes 12 BILLION Internet transactions from more than 550 million endpoints in 190 countries every day, providing real-time insight into online threat activity.

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With Cyren Embedded Antivirus integrated into the vendor’s device or application, objects (files, web scripts, emails, etc.) are scanned and classified by our Antivirus engine. This allows you to remove or quarantine these objects and block malicious web scripts before they can affect your customers. Cyren Embedded Antivirus can be used in multiple software applications and hardware platforms as diverse as UTM, Network Attached Storage (NAS), network routers, and mobile platforms.

Full Review of Cyren Antivirus

Full Review of Cyren Antivirus

Safeguard browsing and other Internet activities. CYREN WebSecurity offers industry-strength security using the same underlying technology trusted by companies like Google and Microsoft-to protect your Android device and data, around the clock, from global locations.

Download Now Cyren WebSecurity

  1. Protection from sites with “drive-by” malware that tries and infects your device
  2. Real-time in-the-cloud scanning with industry-leading CYREN AntiVirus
  3. Auto battery saving mode
  4. Protection from phishing sites that aim to steal your banking, email or other online credentials
  5. Management Rules for the implementation of browsing company policies
  6. comprehensive parental control from browser or app
  7. Detection of suspicious traffic originating from compromised devices

CYREN WebSecurity is designed for enterprise use only.
2014 SVC Award, SaaS Solution of the Year, Finalist

Cyren Antivirus Requirements

Use of this app requires an active subscription to CYREN WebSecurity.
If you don’t have an active subscription, please uninstall the app by going to Settings > Apps > Uninstall

How to Install Cyren Antivirus

  1. Select “I agree” for “Acceptable Use Policy”
  2. Enter your login to activate the app. Don’t worry, it’s only needed once – after that, you won’t even know it’s there.
  3. You may need to select “I trust the app”

Cyren Antivirus Support

If you are an end user and have a problem or concern, please contact your organization’s support department. If you are a System Administrator having trouble configuring or using the application, please contact the designated contact support point.

About Cyren Antivirus

CYREN is a global leader in information security solutions to protect web, email, and mobile transactions. Our GlobalView Security Lab continues to innovate cloud-based threat detection and proactive data analysis to provide comprehensive security solutions for businesses of all sizes. Our award-winning patented technology and global security platform enhances the value and profitability of our partner solutions as CYREN’s email, web, and antivirus capabilities protect more than 550 million end users in 190 countries.

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Additional Information About Cyren Antivirus

  1. Updated : July 16, 2015
  2. Installation: 1,000 – 5,000
  3. Current Version : 1.46
  4. Requires Android version: 4.0 and up
  5. Content Rating : Rating 3+
  6. Offered By : cyren