Dalgona Coffee Recipe

Recipes, Ingredients, and How to Make Dalgona Coffee_Hearing the word dalgona coffee must be familiar, with dalgona coffee recipes that have been found on the internet, making them very popular in recent months. Especially for coffee and milk fans.

Dalgona Coffee Recipe

The uniqueness of this coffee is indeed a lot of attention for Indonesian citizens, with a serving of whipped coffee on top. Because coffee is usually served with whipped cream or milkshakes, in this coffee the presence of whipped coffee as a topping actually adds to the uniqueness of its appearance.

Because it has become a popular drink, in making this dalgona does not require strange ingredients. But you only need to prepare the ingredients in the form of ground coffee, white sugar, liquid milk, and ice cubes. Which ingredients are very easy to find in making Dalgona coffee recipes.

A. Materials Required

To make delicious specialty coffee, you need to prepare some ingredients to try making your own. By using the following ingredients as the first step in preparing to make this unique coffee.

Materials needed :

1. 2 tablespoons of ground coffee

2. 125 ml of liquid milk

3. 2 tablespoons of white sugar

4. 1 cup ice cubes

B. How to Make Dalgona Coffee

If you have obtained these ingredients, then the manufacture can start immediately, remember to follow several steps and processes in making dalgona coffee recipe so that you can produce whipped coffee that is unique in this coffee.

1. Put ground coffee and sugar into a small bowl-like container, then add only 2 tablespoons of hot water.

2. Stir constantly until it expands to become whipped coffee. For faster mixing, you can use a mixer. If you don’t have a mixer, you can replace it with a tea strainer.

3. Liquid milk that has been prepared is poured into a glass accompanied by adding ice cubes to taste.

4. After that, the finished whipped coffee is then put into the liquid milk.

5. Dalgona is ready to be enjoyed.

The Origin of the Mention of Dalgona

The name dalgona is thought to have come from a traditional food in South Korea in the form of sweets. Maybe you think the dalgona candy is made from coffee, when in fact the dalgona candy does not contain any coffee at all.

As for the naming of dalgona itself, it is taken from the appearance of the whipped coffee, because the shape is the same as the appearance of the dalgona candy in Korea. Both have similarities in their color which has a light brown color and soft texture.

In addition, in the presentation both are presented in the form of a circle. Both on Dalgona coffee, and on the candy. So do not be surprised if it is named by the same name. Both also have a delicious taste of course.

That’s some information about this unique coffee, you can make it yourself at home or use it as a business opportunity. Because it can be created using toppings or milk with a variety of flavors though, so this dalgona coffee recipe is sought after to try to make it.