Definition of a repeater and its function

Repeater is one of the useful tools on computer networks. Computer networks are indeed quite complicated to be understood by ordinary people. Let alone the various devices on the network, the functions and workings of the network alone, are basically quite complicated to learn. Although it is quite complicated, this time, we will try to share a little information about one of the network tools called repeaters.

Many people wonder about repeaters and the uses of repeaters. Repeater basically comes from English ‘repeat’ which means repetition. If interpreted from syllables, then a repeater can be interpreted as repeater, or if it is refined in a language, then a repeater is a useful tool for repeating and retransmitting signals to the area around this device.

If examined in technical language, the meaning of a repeater is a useful tool to strengthen the signal. With this tool, weak signal coverage can be increased so that it can be used for a wider area coverage. Repeater Function

  1. Expanding signal server coverage
    The first function of this tool is to expand the range of the signal. If the signal is weak, the range will be narrower, while when the signal is strong, the range will be wider.
  2. Covers various areas with minimal signal from the server
    By using a repeater, areas with minimal signal can be easier to get a signal. This is because, a weak signal is made stronger by this tool.
  3. Easy access to WiFi signal
    With a stronger signal, of course, device users who need a signal can more easily access the signal. One application of this tool is on the WiFi signal.
  4. Forward and maximize signal
    The fourth function is to forward and maximize the signal. In this function, the repeater works by capturing, managing, enlarging, and forwarding the signal to various network devices around this device.
  5. Simplify the process of sending and receiving data
    With a stronger signal, the process of sending and receiving data between users of network devices or through the network can be done more quickly. This can be likened to when a car is driving on a toll road (when using a repeater).
  6. Minimize the use of network cables
    The working system of the repeater is through a wireless signal. By using this tool, the use of complicated and chaotic cables can be avoided.

That’s the definition of a repeater and its functions that we can share with you. May be useful.

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