Definition of Hotspot and its Functions

Hotspot is a term for an area where people or user can access the network Internet, as long as using a PC, Laptop or other device with features that have Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity) so that they can access the internet without cable media.

Or another definition of Hotspot is an area where a client can connect to the internet directly wireless (wireless or wireless) from a PC, Laptop, Notebook or gadget such as a cellphone within a radius of approximately a few hundred meters depending on the frequency or signal strength.

Hotspot Function

namely with Hotspot you can make internet connections such as browsing, sending emails, chatting bank transactions, downloading and others.

Wi-Fi is short for “Wireless Fidelity” is a term for a standard network or wireless network (without cables) using Radio Frequency which is often known as Radio Frequency (RF). Where initially Wi-Fi was only intended for the use of wireless devices (wireless networks) and Local Area Network (LAN), but at this time Wi-Fi is more widely used to access the internet network. So in this case it is very possible if someone with a computer that contains a wireless card or PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) feature can connect to the internet using an access point or better known as the term “Hot spot

The advantage of using Wi-Fi is that it is very practical, where computers can be connected to the network without the need for a cable intermediary.

Tips if using a hotspot, to be safe:

  • Do not enable file sharing on your PC/laptop folder, if you are connected to a public network, because it allows other people to also access the folder you are sharing.
  • Also turn off sharing your PC/Laptop printer.
  • Always activate anti-virus with the latest updates.
  • Never give your username and password to other people.

That’s the Definition of Hotspot and its Functions, hopefully it can be useful.

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