Definition of Search Engines and Examples

This time I will explain about the meaning, benefits of how it works, functions and examples of Search Engines (Search Engines). Surely you have used Google to perform several activities, such as searching for pages of a website or blog, images, videos, and other information. How can a website that has a very simple appearance, but can provide a lot of information that we need? How does the Google Search Engine work?

Understanding Search Engines

Search Engine (Search Engine) is a software system designed to search for various information stored in World Wide Web (WWW), File Transfer Protocol (FTP) services, Mailing Lists, or News Groups that are on a server or a number of servers within a network. a network limit. The results of the search will display various information data sourced from a certain Website, Blog, Forum. The results of searches are often referred to as Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

Search results also have a variety of data displayed, such as text, images, videos, and other display forms. From the existing search results will display data in accordance with the order that has been determined by the Search Engine Algorithm. So to be able to get into the order of the first page of Search Engines is not easy. Many calculations and procedures must be done to be able to enter the first page of a Search Engine. One way that can be done is to run SEO techniques or use SEO services on your business website.

A Brief History of Search Engines

Along with the development of the virtual world, Search Engines also have a fairly good development from year to year. One search engine that is quite well known and widely used by many countries is the Google Search Engine. However, there are several groups that make their own Search Engines for their countries, such as the Yandex Search Engine which comes from Russia and has been operating since 1997. Then there is the Baidu Search Engine which has been operating since 2000. Baidu was founded on the Baidu campus which is located in Haidan District, Beijing, PRC. Other well-known search engines are Bing, Yahoo, ASK, MSN, AOL, and others.

Google’s own search engine appeared at the end of 1997. The intense competition with various search engines that already existed, did not make Google just give up. In 2000 Yahoo Search Engine had occupied the top ranking position, but it was only temporary because Google managed to reach that ranking. Google is also considered and seen as the main Search Engine until now.

How Search Engines Work

Then how does the search engine work that is able to display various accurate information data according to the keywords we provide? Search Engine Google has software called Web Crawlers or also called Googlebot. The way this software works is that it takes website pages automatically by following each Dofollow link. Then each page will be analyzed to determine how to index, such as reading the text in the title, subtitle, and special sections called Meta Tags.

The data will then be saved into the server which can later be used for the desired data search. The stored data can be in the form of a website page, from text, images, videos and other information. However, not all pages of a website can be found, due to webmaster regulations that can create website pages for publication or only for private websites or blogs.

You can also watch the video below on how search engines actually work in providing the perfect search results for your needs. Here’s a video from Google’s “How Search Works” by Matt Cutts on the Google Channel. In this channel you can see the progress of various updates and the latest Google projects. Hopefully the video below can make you understand more about the work of search engines, especially Google.

Search Engine Example


In addition to web searches, Google also provides image search services, news searches and searches on USENET archives (newsgroups), as well as directories, such as Yahoo! The weakness lies in the unavailability of searching for files, videos, and audio. Google’s advantages are mainly in text searches, especially from the PageRank algorithm, its large database and the many types of files it indexes.


  1. Speed ​​and ease of searching.
  2. More sophisticated with the features it has.
  3. Simple look.
  4. Google is the only search engine that has a cache. With this cache, the searcher can save search time, because the search results will be displayed.
  5. Can search for all information such as pictures, news articles, entertainment etc.


  1. With the advantages it has, it turns out that this search engine is a target for spammers to display advertisements that are not needed. They take advantage of every loophole in Google’s algorithmic system to force their ads to appear on the front page. So, the search was interrupted.


One of the largest portals on the Internet, apart from MSN., and also one of the oldest search engines. The main page itself is not very search-friendly, but Yahoo! provide for it. Yahoo! using Google services to find information on the web, plus information from its own database. Advantages of Yahoo! is the directory. Yahoo! also provides yellow pages and map searches, which are still limited to the United States. Yahoo also provides image search. The following are more obvious advantages and disadvantages:


  1. Modern correspondence chart to make people more advanced
  2. One of the websites that provides free facility services
  3. One of them is what you said, if it’s refreshed quickly
  4. Many facilities are provided, such as: Y!AY!AY! mail Y! 360 and others
  5. Already in many countries


  1. One yahoo id only for yahoo, can’t for windows products, like IM and msn
  2. It’s too easy to create an id, so it’s misused sometimes
  3. The Y!M feature is still very far from the Windows IM output
  4. Skins for Y!M are still very simple, unlike IMs that there are quite a few


The advantage of Alltheweb is the file search on the FTP Server. Unlike the web, FTP is an internet technology intended for storing and distributing files, usually programs, audio or video. Web is designed more for the text. So far, only AllTheWeb provides file search services.


  1. Ease of searching.
  2. Simple look like Google.
  3. Alltheweb instantly provides functionality to search for news, music, pictures and videos.
  4. The help menu is clearly visible, and it includes a large number of help options, so that once again the ease is apparent to the user.


  1. 1Long search compared to other search engines.
  2. The search page is only limited by a line so that it confuses the user.
  3. On the links that are not useful sometimes still visible in a few days, so it looks less actual. This shows that Allltheweb is not fast in updating.


This search engine from the Microsoft Network offers searches both by keywords and from directories. Internet Explorer users most likely have used this search engine. Searchenginewatch site noted MSN as the third popular search engine after Google and Yahoo! No image search, or news. Provides map search, yellow pages, white pages, job search, home.


  1. 1capable of searching videos, music, pictures and various special file formats.


  1. Search. It takes a long time for the results to be displayed on the MSN page.
  2. Users also find it difficult to distinguish between ads and non-ads on their search pages. The appearance of the ad is only distinguished from the original result by a dot in front of it.


This search engine site excels in its ability to understand human language. Users can use full sentence, not keywords. This site is useful for finding answers to questions (eg when did world war II end?)


  1. Its main advantage is that it will look for sites that provide answers to your questions.


Once upon a time, AltaVista was once the largest search engine. Currently, apart from Alltheweb, Altavista also offers audio and video search. The advantage of AltaVista is that it is the most comprehensive search option among all search engines.


  1. excellence in terms of searching web pages, videos, images, MP3, and other audio files. Even in the search for news, Altavista is able to find the latest news.
  2. Altavista is able to set the maximum age to be displayed.


  1. In terms of data search that is not good. Often these search engines return results that have absolutely nothing to do with the theme being searched for.


One of the oldest search engines. Currently Lycos is better known as a portal, so the search function is not too prominent. Lycos, in addition to supporting web search, also provides search for MP3 files, and videos at


  1. Lycos is able to search data quickly and this is an advantage.
  2. In terms of quick search.
  3. Lycos provides a “Fun Search” function which is more for teenagers. This is very helpful for those who need the latest gossip and songs from idol celebrities.
  4. Lycos also features the 50 biggest searches on its front page.


  1. To find the actual news, users must go to the site map section because the news is not displayed on the front page.
  2. Often not specific because most of the data still takes data from the Alltheweb search engine which is the slowest in searching data
  3. Often not specific because most of the data still takes data from the Alltheweb search engine which is the slowest in searching data

Benefits of Search Engines

Many of us often use Search Engines, then what are the benefits of Search Engines? Of course, the benefit of a search engine is that it makes it easier for someone to find the desired information quickly, and precisely. Because by simply typing the desired keywords, for example the word “Search Engine Understanding” it will immediately appear various websites and blogs that provide information about these keywords quickly and precisely.

Search engines from various sectors have actually provided many benefits, as seen from the point of view of the web blog owner. Where every web blog that provides relevant and complete information, it can be ascertained indirectly that your blog’s web information page will rise to the first page of search. Furthermore, visitors will continue to come and make your web blog will be flooded with visitors.

Generally, not all articles on a web blog are complete or rich in information needed by visitors. However, various web blog owners have begun to force their articles to be able to be on the first page by doing various ways, one of which is SEO techniques. Imagine if one keyword has thousands of traffic per month, and your article or sale is in the first place.

You can imagine that your business will grow rapidly over time. For example, if you sell Fire Extinguishers, then according to the keywords you can make various articles related to “Fire Extinguishers” with complete and clear information. So that way your market sector will be very easy to reach your business web blog.

So many explanations about the Definition, How it Works and the Benefits provided by Search Engines (Search Engines). Don’t forget to read other articles such as an explanation of “Why is SEO Important for Online Business Websites?”.