Dial Code for Telkomsel 5GB Cheap Internet Package Price 1

Telkomsel’s cheap internet package, yesterday there was bad news, the entire Telkomsel network in the Sumatra area, especially in Pekanbaru Riau, causing disruption to the Telkomsel network, especially internet calls and SMS

So that the Telkomsel provider provides compensation in the form of cheap internet packages for Telkomsel loyal customers around the Riau area, Sumatra.

Telkomsel internet packages are quite cheap, we get an Internet quota of 5GB, 100 SMS and 100 minutes of telephone calls at a price of Rp. 1 Rupiah, the price of 1 Rupiah according to the admin includes Free,

maybe this internet package was used by telkomsel as an apology from telkomsel, for the occurrence of network disturbances, previously By U had also done promos for free internet packages such as
this, because of the cause of the malfunction in the By U . application

To get this Cheap Combo 5GB package, you can register directly via the UMB Dial Code, but keep in mind that not all Telkomsel cards can get this promo, only certain cards can get it.

Details of Telkomsel 5GB Combo Internet Package Price Rp 1

Telkomsel Internet Package 5GB Combo Price IDR 1

after you buy the Telkomsel 5GB Cheap internet package, you will get the package details as follows

  • Regular quota 5GB 24 hours
  • Call quota for 100 minutes
  • SMS quota 100 sms
  • active period 2 days

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How to Buy a 5GB Internet Package for IDR 1 with the UMB Dial Code

Then type the UMB code below


  • Press OK/Yes
  • Choose number 1 to confirm the purchase of the package

If you don’t understand, you can see the image below

  How to Buy a 5GB Internet Package for IDR 1 with the UMB Dial Code

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Wait a few seconds, until the purchase process is successful, you will get an SMS confirmation from Telkomsel, that the package purchase was successful