Diana Waterpark Entrance Ticket Prices South Sulawesi

Diana Waterpark – Are you looking for a picnic place in Barru Regency, the good news is that in Balusu Village there is a water park tour or often called Waterpark, really suitable for a picnic place with family.

Barru Regency is not only known as a producer of ponds, but has many tourist destinations that you can visit while on vacation. One of the newest tourist destinations in Barru Regency is Diana Waterpark which is located in Jompi’e Buludua, Balusu District.

Diana Waterpark Entrance Ticket Prices

It is located about 15 km towards the truth parepare in Balusu Village, Balusu District in the direction of Saoraja Lapinceng. This water tourism is still crowded with visitors, especially near the weekend and school holidays.

As the name implies, the waterpark is one of the water playgrounds equipped with various games in it. The water rides or games that are presented at the waterpark can be used by all ages, from some children to adults.

Diana Waterpark Entrance Ticket Prices

Yes, the name of the place is called “Diana Waterpark” and includes a new tourist destination in Barru Regency, South Sulawesi. The possibilities outside of Barru still sound strange to hear, but make no mistake if Diana Waterpark is the largest water park in Barru Regency.

Diana Waterpark Entrance Ticket Prices

Well, if you want to know if you want to immediately come to this Waterpark in Barru, surely the first thing you need to know is how much is the Diana Waterpark entrance ticket?

In addition to the entrance fee, Diana Waterpark provides several water rides and supporting facilities that will make visitors more comfortable and feel at home during a picnic on this water tour. Therefore, please read the full explanation below.

Diana Waterpark Entrance Ticket Prices

Diana Waterpark is a water picnic park located in Barru Regency, South Sulawesi. Ideas that are treated to flower gardens and aerial tours. Not only does it offer a stunning panorama, this tourist spot is facilitated with flying fox, gajebo, and a swimming pool.

For swimming pools at Diana Waterpark there are 4 choices, one of which is a toddler pool, children’s pool, play pool, and a special adult pool, not only that in the children’s pool there are various interesting water games such as slides, fountains, spilled buckets, and many more. .

Diana Waterpark Entrance Ticket Prices

Meanwhile, the depth of the pool is quite varied, starting with a children’s pool of about 30 to 80 cm, and the deepest is 3 meters. special for adults who can swim. For those who like obstacles, you can try slides with a length of about 5-7 meters.

The price of the Diana Waterpark entrance ticket that has been confirmed will of course be in accordance with the various rides and facilities that are obtained when you visit this place. Because the facilities offered are adequate, such as the public swimming pool in South Sulawesi.


In addition to swimming, visitors will be treated to a variety of interesting rides and which will be liked by most people, including your children.

Regarding the rides at Diana Waterpark, one of them is:

  • Toddler Pool
  • Kids Pool
  • Adult Pool
  • Playing Pool
  • Skating
  • Spilled Bucket
  • Water fountain
  • Playground
  • Means

Diana Waterpark Facilities

With the entrance ticket fee that can be reached by several visitors, Diana Waterpark will be spoiled with several complete supporting facilities, one of which is.

  • Toilet
  • Washroom
  • Change Room
  • Shower
  • Canteen
  • Gajebo
  • Spot Photo
  • flying fox
  • Flower garden
  • Islamic Prayer Room
  • Parking Space

Apart from that, the place is nice and spacious there are lots of places to play for the kids. There are 3 slides that can be enjoyed, even better if you use tires, with a rental fee of IDR 5000 for 2 people, they are happy to enjoy the slides.

Diana Waterpark Entrance Ticket Prices

  • Monday – Friday: IDR 15,000 / Person
  • Saturday & Sunday: IDR 25,000 / Person
  • Eid & New Year Holidays: IDR 35,000 / Person

In addition to the entrance ticket fee, visitors need to pay additional fees for vehicle parking tickets, tire rentals, and gajebo, for Gajebo some are for rent some are free.

The place

Address: Jompi’e Buludua, Balusu Village, Barru District, Balusu District, South Sulawesi
Telephone: 0852-5594-7184

To make it easier to get to the place, see the following map.

Location Map:

Operational hour

  • Monday – Friday: 08.00 – 18.00 WITA
  • Sunday: 07.15 – 18.00 WITA

One thing that makes this waterpark picnic place unique is that there are statues of animals such as giraffes, elephants, and others, making it perfect for photo backgrounds, and a beautiful view of the flower garden.

Diana Waterpark Entrance Ticket Prices

This is a brief explanation of the new picnic area in Barru Regency, South Sulawesi. Hopefully it can be useful for readers as well as especially when planning a vacation with family and of course the affordable Diana Waterpark entrance ticket price.