Difference between SATA and ATA Cables

In this post, I will discuss the differences between SATA connector cables and ATA connector cables which are often used on PC computers to connect a hard drive or DVD Rom to a computer device via a power supply, then what is the difference between the two? from the physical form we can already distinguish between the type of ATA connector cable and SATA cable.

Difference between SATA and ATA Cables

Difference between SATA and ATA Cables


ATA (Advanced Technology Attachments) standard is a standard interface that allows you to connect a storage device to a PC. The ATA standard was developed on May 12, 1994 by ANSI. The ATA standard was originally intended for connecting hard drives, but an extension called ATAPI (ATA Packet Interface) has been developed to accommodate other storage devices (CD-ROM drives, DVD-ROM drives, etc.) on the ATA.

The ATA standard can connect storage devices directly to the motherboard for a ribbon cable, which generally consists of 40 parallel cables and three connectors (usually a blue connector for the motherboard and a black connector and a gray connector for two storage devices).


SATA (Serial Advanced Technology Attachment) is on computers that are usually designed to transfer data between the motherboard and data storage media, such as hard disks and optical drives in the computer. The main advantages of using SATA cables are faster data transfers, can move or add devices during operation, thinner cables so that the air cooling process can be efficient, and many other advantages.

SATA in transferring data sequentially or serially through the cable and also technically SATA composes its own disk that is connected to the motherboard without any master or slave system, so the SATA cable can only be used on one hard disk.

The striking differences between ATA and SATA cables are:

  1. SATA cables use a smaller cable than PATA (15-pin). Adapters from serial ATA are able to accommodate data transfers at higher speeds than simple ATA. Although using a smaller cable, but SATA is faster than PATA. If the ATA speed reaches 133 Mbps, SATA has advanced speeds, namely 150 Mbps (SATA I), 300 Mbps (Sata II), and 600 Mbps (SATA-600/SATA III), while ATA uses a wide cable and a max transfer rate of 133Mbps.
  2. SATA has many advantages (eg native command queuing) which causes it to have more speed and the ability to work in multitask environments than ATA. ATA and SATA are systems for transferring data to and from the hard drive. ATA is still using a parallel system so it is now known as PATA. Because of the parallel use of many cables, namely the IDE cable.
  3. SATA is the development of ATA using a Serial system that works multiplex so that it is cable efficient. ATA theoretically transfers data at a maximum of 133mbps while SATA is 150mbps. For SATA2 can reach 300 mbps

That was the difference between SATA and ATA cables that I can discuss here, hopefully it will be useful.

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