Disadvantages of Vivo Y30 Mobile and its Functions

Disadvantages of Vivo Y30 Mobile and its Functions


In general, you with a million advantages will have a bit of weakness. But it’s not that bad – really bad. The reason is, the lack of the Vivo Y30 cellphone has no effect on the performance of the cellphone. here’s the full review

1. Bringing HD+ for screen technology

For you your fans are sophisticated with the maximum design, of course the Vivo y30 cellphone has little minus. Yep, the screen resolution on your Y Series only relies on HD + so that the image doesn’t appear too shiny. Many say when Your display resolution from China is not optimal. So less comfortable when viewed. However, it is safe to watch a number of online offerings. Like television, videos and other shows.

2. No Fast Charging With Dual Engine 18W feature yet

Even though it has the medium market segment, you are not yet equipped with the 18W fast charging feature. Which is already so popular speed. So that the 10W charging on the Y30 has the duration of the charge is longer than the others. But, it’s safe, it doesn’t affect your performance anyway. So still hesitating to ask for her hand? Various kinds of you made in China are indeed popular to dominate the market. Starting from the light price, a million to the medium class is still an option. Because your performance it is quite reliable. In addition, the specs can be compared to your competitors.

For you gadget enthusiasts, this Vivo Y30 is pretty good. For you, IDR 2 million with a variety of favorite features. Moreover, the choice of elegant colors makes the appearance more charming.

Function VS Style

Now your usage is going up stairs with priority function. Various activities in everyday life can not be separated from this gadget. Want to shop, pay for this and that, order tickets, order food and other services are available. Just click. But, don’t deny you Sophisticated with a charming design is able to boost your appearance. Yes, it’s more stylish. How about you ? Thank you for visiting and reading it, hopefully it will be useful.

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