Discussion and Solutions That Happened on Xiaomi Phones When Updating the MIUI Version | Xiaomi Indonesia 2021

Discussion and Solutions That Happened on Xiaomi Phones When Updating the MIUI Version – Xiaomi is ready to launch the latest generation of MIUI interface in a bit. According to the plan, this MIUI 10 will come along with the Mi 8 smartphone on May 31, 2018.

MIUI developers also regularly update and present the latest features. For that you can update the MIUI version by means of System Update, namely updating MIUI through the smartphone itself without using a computer.

MIUI as the default interface for Xiaomi smartphones is indeed attractive in terms of appearance, layout and icons in MIUI. Not only from the appearance of the features available on MIUI are also very useful, for example the latest now (2/16) Split Screen, Data Saver, System Optimization and many more.

Although Xiaomi’s MIUI update is actually very practical and easy, unfortunately for some cases many have failed the update process, Xiaomi can’t update even though the update file has been downloaded completely 100%.

To see the latest MIUI version on your smartphone it’s very easy.

  • First enter the menu >Settings
  • Second you choose >About Phone
  • Third, you scroll down, look for > Check Update/Update or manual update using the MIUI ROM file that has been downloaded on the en.miui.com site.

The most common cases of failed updates on xiaomi cellphones are the appearance of an error message ” Can’t verivy update or can’t verify update” so the update is not processed.

Here’s how to find out the cause and the solution can see the explanation below.

1. Differences in MIUI Variants, In this MIUI ROM there are 4 different variants, including:

  • Global Stable
  • Global Developer
  • China Stable
  • China Developer

Therefore make sure you have to download a similar ROM file, for example your ROM position is Global Stable so you can only download Global Stable ROM.

  • SOLUTION : Make sure the MIUI ROM is similar

2. Using Fake Distributor ROMs

Maybe you wonder why your Xiaomi smartphone doesn’t get any updates at all from Xiaomi, then you decide to download the ROM and try to update it manually, and the result is sure to fail.

  • SOLUTION : Flashing via fastboot mode, using Mi Flash Tool.

3. Custom Recovery is already installed

The most popular custom recovery right now is TWRP recovery and you may have already installed it. and you try to update manually in updater. and the result will fail.

  • SOLUTION : Install the ROM file in TWRP Recovery. (follow the steps based on the tutorial to avoid Bootloop)

4. Corrupt ROM file

The reason for the Corrupt File is also a factor in the failure to update the ROM.

  • SOLUTION : Make sure when downloading has a stable connection or your computer’s performance is not in 100% position, especially from the hard drive (You can see it in Task Manager)

Thus the article about the discussion and solutions that occur on Xiaomi cellphones when updating the MIUI version, hopefully it will be useful and useful for readers. Thank you.