Don’t be confused, this is how to connect wifi to a laptop

Connecting wifi to a laptop is a necessity today. A laptop that is connected to the internet, becomes a convenience in itself because the work done on a laptop or wanting to find entertainment by streaming music or movies that must be done online will be easier to do. But it will be very difficult because you have to connect a laptop with a modem, or by connecting to the internet on your cellphone.

How to Connect Wifi to Laptop

The emergence of Wifi makes its own convenience in today’s era. How come? Connecting a laptop to the internet is very easy because you don’t have to bother using a modem. Some laptops have been equipped with a wifi adapter that can be directly connected to a wifi network easily. However, some people still feel confused about how to connect wifi to a laptop. Curious how? Here’s the explanation!

1. Via the Taskbar

The first way to connect wifi to a laptop is through the taskbar. This is the easiest way to do it. First, look for the wifi icon menu which is usually at the bottom and click it. If you have waited until there is a hostpot option, and select the hotspot you want to connect to. If there is a password, then enter the password and click the connect button. If it is not connected, it is better to check again when entering wifi whether there is an error or not.

2. Connect Via Control Panel

Not only through the taskbar, how to connect wifi to a laptop can also be done through the control panel, you know. To find the control panel can be through the windows button located on the taskbar or through the windows button on the keyboard. After that, click control panel and select network and internet. Then select the network and sharing center. If you have selected change adapter settings then select LAN (Local Area Network) and Wireless Network. Select Wireless Network connection then select connect.

3. Via the Wifi Button on the Laptop

Currently, laptop manufacturers have provided features that are provided on laptops that are useful for making it easier for users to run laptops without the hassle of opening several tabs or having to click on several menus to activate wifi. For example, providing an additional wifi button icon, later this will make it easier for users to turn off or connect wifi just by clicking that button.

4. Using the Fn . Key Combination

To activate the next wifi is to click the Fn key combination. Most laptops currently available are equipped with various buttons that can be used as function keys. It turns out that there is a combination of buttons that when clicked will be able to work to turn on wifi, you know. Just click the f1 and f2 keys to turn on the wifi.

5. Installing Wireless Drivers

Another way that can be done is to install the Wireless driver. This is because the possibility that wifi cannot be connected is because the wireless driver has not been installed. To install it simply by inserting the DVD driver provided with the laptop purchase package.

That’s some how to connect wifi to laptop which can be tried so that the laptop can connect to the internet. So now you don’t need to be confused anymore about how to get your laptop connected to wifi, just follow the steps above and the laptop will connect to the internet. If none of the five methods above work, then it’s better to take the laptop to a repair shop. It’s possible that some damage has occurred so it must be taken to a computer technician. Good luck!