Download Adblock Plus Free for Google Chrome PC

Annoying ads on a website are quite difficult for users to access the content they are looking for. So that you are not bothered by such things, you can install the Adblock Plus extension on the Google Chrome browser on your computer.

Adblock Plus can be downloaded via the Chrome Web Store by accessing the following link:


1. click Add to Chrome.

2. Click Add Extension.

3. Wait until the page appears Installation Successful.

4. To enter the Settings menu click icon ExtensionsMore ActionsOptions.

There is no subscription fee for using Adblock Plus. You can use all ad-blocking features for free. If you want to know what Adblock Plus can do, here are some of its features:

Block Redirect Ads

It seems that you have experienced when accessing or clicking on a website page, you are immediately redirected to the advertiser’s page. Ads like this prevent you from accessing content. By using Adblock Plus these ads will be blocked and you stay on the web page and get the content you need.

Block Other Annoying Ads

This open source application developed by is also capable of blocking other annoying ads such as pop-up ads, video ads and page-covering ads.

Not All Ads Blocked

Adblock Plus does not block all ads by default, ads that are not intrusive and properly placed will still be visible to users. These “Acceptable Ads” are unblocked to support content providers to keep earning and create more content for everyone.

But you can still block all ads by unchecking Allow Acceptable Ads in the Adblock Plus settings menu.

Securing Privacy Data

Some websites display ads that contain viruses, scams and tracking your activities. This is dangerous for data including your privacy, website users can become victims of this illegal activity.

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