Download COD Invoice Form File Via Post Office in Microsoft Word Format

For online merchants or online shops, sending sales or products with COD facilities is now a must. Because there are so many customers who prefer to purchase or pay for goods using COD. For that we will share an article about Downloading COD Invoice Form File Via Post Office in Microsoft Word Format.

This article will help all friends in preparing the COD Invoice Form which is ready to be used or used in sending COD sales packages.

Broadly speaking, COD stands for Cash On Delivery, where online sales will be paid for by the buyer when the product arrives at the buyer, making it easier for them to process cash payments and no longer need to transfer to the seller.

Actually, the post office has provided COD facilities if all of you have installed the QPosin application, but sometimes for reasons you want to be fast, you can use the manual COD facility (We Call it Instant COD) to send merchandise without having to login to QPosin first.

Friends can download the COD Invoice Form File at the bottom of this article, but before downloading, please understand the parts that must be filled in from the Invoice.

1. Purpose of Making COD Invoice

COD Invoice is a form used to state that the shipment is COD. This form must be present along with the package delivery receipt, so that it becomes a single unit containing data related to the COD.

2. Understand the Parts of the COD Invoice Form

After we know the purpose of making the COD form, let’s understand the parts of the COD invoice form:

  1. Header, usually contains the post office logo and the name of the post office branch or center where the COD shipment came from
  2. Recipient Data, Contains Full Name, Clear Address and Recipient’s HP Number
  3. Item Description, here explains the name of the COD package sent, the amount, unit price and total price, a number of postage and also if there is a handling fee
  4. Escrow Account, this is usually mandatory, namely as an Account to accommodate the money from the sale of COD packages that have been successfully sent or delivered by Mr. Pos to Olshop customers. This account is in the form of a Current Account or Pospay. To get this account number, you have to install and create a pospay account.
  5. Signature. Consists of Sender/Seller’s Signature, Postal Officer’s Signature and Receiver/Buyer’s Signature

After understanding the above, friends can already send COD Packages to customers and please make sure to include COD Invoices in every package shipment. To make it easier for our friends, we have made a format in Microsoft Word and you can download it below:

After the above file has been successfully downloaded, please extract it first with the password:

Then adjust the existing data, for example, the header becomes the post office where you usually send, enter the checking account number or Pospay in your Pospay application.

Thus, this article was created, hopefully it can be a reference for friends who sell online or have an olshop whose customers then request that the sales package be sent using the COD facility through the Post Office. Don’t forget if you have something to ask, you can share it in the comments section.