Download Game Free Fire – Battlegrounds Latest APK | Xiaomi Indonesia 2021

Download Game Free Fire – Battlegrounds APK Terbaru – Free Fire Battlegrounds is a survival game, third-person shooter developed by 111dots Studio in the form of a battle royale. Approximately 50 players parachute onto a deserted island, where there is only one winner – “Last Man Standing”. Choose a starting position, pick up weapons and supplies to increase the chances of survival on the battlefield. Find weapons, stay in the safe zone, loot your enemies and be the last man standing.

This game is quite easy to understand. In Free Fire – Battlegrounds, you will be thrown from a jet with a parachute along with approximately 50 other players, which makes you have to compete with each other to be the last person standing. Just like other survival games what’s new?

You can freely choose where you want to start the game, you can increase your chances of survival by killing other people, and you can drive the vehicle yourself.

Actually it’s free where you want to jump, if you like a challenge you can choose a crowded place to jump in, if you want to focus on survival you have to jump into a less crowded place. Then you can keep hiding and killing like any other survival game.

To be the winner, you have to kill other players and become the champion. This game also provides various in-game features such as Red Zone and Vechile.

Game Control

Game control is quite simple like other survival games, you will use a virtual joystick to move in the game. To shoot the target you have to shift the crosshair towards the opponent.

Walk, Run, Jump, Bow you can do it all to survive. It’s just that the control settings are not much that can be changed and do not vary.


You can customize the appearance of your character by using the clothes you have in the vault. But it seems that not all the items you get can be used permanently.

For the appearance of the Leaderboard and the statistics of Free Fire – Battlegrounds players are very good, and complete. Solo, duo, and squad stats are also different.