Download the most complete set of Xiaomi mtz themes | Xiaomi Indonesia 2021

Download the Complete Collection of Xiaomi Mtz Themes – The Xiaomi theme is an overall look of the Xiaomi smartphone. Xiaomi provides a display in the form of a theme in mtz format.

Where you can download the Xiaomi mtz Theme in your Xiaomi Theme Application by logging in to your Xiaomi Mi Account. Download the Xiaomi mtz Theme not only in the Xiaomi Themes Application but the Xiaomi theme developers also provide third-party Xiaomi Themes.

Various collections of the best Xiaomi themes that are appearing right now. Xiaomi Theme developers continue to develop Xiaomi Themes that Xiaomi users are looking for.

Xiaomi’s best-selling theme right now is the Iphone mtz Theme. This IOS theme almost the whole look of your Xiaomi turns into an Iphone. This theme changes everything from icon wallpaper, status bar to translucent apps even boot animation of your Xiaomi.

Equivalent to Iphone mtz Theme for Xiaomi. The next best-selling theme is Xiaomi’s latest Samsung S8 mtz Theme. This S8 mtz theme also changes all the appearance of your Xiaomi from icons, wallpapers, status bars to even applications that are all translucent like Samsung.

The theme that Xiaomi Indonesia provides is the Best Complete Collection of Xiaomi Mtz Themes 2018. The Xiaomi theme that changes the overall appearance of your Xiaomi that reaches its roots through all your Xiaomi applications.

Best Complete Collection of Xiaomi Mtz Themes 2018

1. iOS 6 Clock Mode Theme in the middle of the Latest Xiaomi Themes

From the title that Xiaomi Indonesia gave, surely you also understand this Xiaomi theme. The most searched theme for Xiaomi users. Because when you use the IOS/Iphone Mod Theme, this clock in the middle makes your Xiaomi look similar to the Iphone display.


2. Samsung S8 mtz Clock theme in the middle of Xiaomi

This one theme is a theme that, according to Admin, has a more elegant appearance. By combining the physical design of Xiaomi with the Samsung S8 Theme, your Xiaomi display becomes more comfortable to look at.

The Samsung S8 theme with the clock in the center has a significant advantage on your Xiaomi display. the first on your Xiaomi icon display changes to the Samusng S8 icon display. Then on your Xiaomi wallpaper also changes to Samsung S8, and on your Xiaomi status bar also changes the clock position to be in the middle without Xiaomi root. Many advantages you get after installing


3. Tema Sony Xperia mtz Thema Xiaomi

This Xperia mtz theme is the latest Xiaomi theme which is now also widely sought after by users, because the Xperia Theme display provides the latest interface for your Xiaomi. Just like Iphone and Samsung S8 Themes that change the whole look of your Xiaomi. This Xperia theme also changes the whole look of your Xiaomi.