Download Xiaomi Mirrorless Camera App Apk | Xiaomi Indonesia 2021

Download Xiaomi Mirrorless Camera App Apk – This time Xiaomi is getting serious about working on its camera line. Proven after success with several action cameras. Yi, a subsidiary of the vendor from the Bamboo Curtain country, has released a new product in the form of a mirrorless camera with a micro four-thirds sensor called the “Xiaomi Yi M1 Camera”.

This M1 series mirrorless camera has a design at first glance similar to the Leica premium series mirrorless camera. However, this is really the original mirrorless camera made by Xiaomi. And most interestingly, the price of the Yi M1 is quite low for a modern mirrorless class, starting at IDR 4.4 million, including a kit zoom lens (12-40mm, f3.55-5.6), and a kit version with a prime lens (42 ,5mm, f1.8) at a price of Rp. 5.9 million.

The Xiaomi Yi M1 camera is made of Thermoplastic Arnitel DSM which weighs 280 grams, is designed in a minimalist and elegant style and has a 20MP Sony IMX269 sensor resolution, like the mirrorless microfour-thirds series on the market today. The sensitivity level of the camera has an ISO of up to 25,600. For additional features, it is equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity and is capable of 4K video recording with a framerate of 30 fps (frames per second). The 900mAh Lithium-ion battery allows you to record up to 7 hours of 4K video or take approximately 450 photos, with a charger ready to recharge the Yi M1 in about 180 minutes. The drawback is that the Xiaoyi M1 does not have flash integration or electronic viewfinder. However, there is already a 3-inch touch screen with a resolution of 720 x 480 pixels on the back of the camera. Available in two colors namely black and gray.