Easy And Safe Android Root Guide

Easy And Safe Android Root Guide

Nowadays, both adults and small children can use what is called a cellphone, whether it’s an Android-based cellphone, an iOS-based cellphone, or a Windows Phone-based cellphone. For ordinary users, the cellphone is only used for things such as receiving calls, accessing social media, seeking knowledge on the internet and also for playing games.

How To Root Android Without PC Safe And Best

In contrast to people who want their cellphones to be modified, such as adding mods, either display mods or sound mods so that when we listen to music we can be more comfortable when listening to it, removing the default application so that their Android cellphone performance can be maximized, can use applications that require access root and many more features that not many people know about.

But to enjoy these features we are required to root your android, therefore most people who previously wanted to enjoy these things became hesitant to try it, because there are many risks that can be caused when rooting on your android phone as well as bootlop, which is a condition where your android smartphone fails to boot and only shows the logo of the android phone.

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For that I will tell you how the hell Easy Android Root Tutorial and has a small risk with the method below be listened to.

Root Android Using Kingroot App

  • First download an application called framaroot which you can download here.
  • Your settings are finished downloading the application, then open the application and under the sentence select an action to execute after root, you can freely choose SuperSu or Superuser according to your taste.
  • Then there is the choice between Argorn and Gandalf, I recommend going for gandalf.
  • If you have chosen, you wait a few minutes until the process is complete. If this notification appears, then you have successfully rooted your Android phone.
  • After that you restart your android phone, If an application called Supersu or Superuser appears, then you can access applications that require root access.

Root Android Using Framaroot App

  • Before we start rooting Android on your cellphone, you are required to download an application, namely Kingroot.
  • After you finish downloading king root, then after that you open the application.
  • If you have opened the application then there will be a green circle that says root.
  • Then you click the green circle to root Android.
  • Wait a few minutes until the green circle turns into a tick.
  • If you have then you restart your android phone, and after restarting you will find an application called kinguser. So congratulations, your Android phone is already rooted.

And so many articles that discuss root android. Thank you very much for visiting this blog and I hope what I share can make you all happy and also useful for all of you.