Easy Ways to Activate Instagram’s Dark Mode Feature on Xiaomi Phones | Xiaomi Indonesia 2021

Easy Ways to Activate Instagram’s Dark Mode Feature on Xiaomi Phones – The Dark Mode feature is a dark mode that is now starting to be in great demand by smartphone users, especially Android. The Dark Mode feature or this dark mode has been implemented in the Youtube application.

By using the dark mode feature or this dark mode can make you feel comfortable when looking at the smartphone screen. Because by using the dark mode feature, your eyes will feel cooler and don’t reflect light that makes your eyes glare.

This dark mode feature has begun to be applied to the current mobile operating system and many are interested in this feature. The dark mode feature really spoils the eyes of its users, especially if you use your smartphone at night or in the dark.

For you, especially Xiaomi smartphone users, you can already enjoy the dark mode feature on the Instagram application. But before you use this feature, there are two things you should know first, namely you have to update your Instagram application to the latest version. Then you make sure that the Xiaomi Smartphone you are using already supports the dark mode feature.

Here’s an easy way to activate the Instagram dark mode feature on a Xiaomi cellphone

Before you activate the dark mode feature on your xiaom smartphone, make sure your xiaomi smartphone is already using MIUI 10. If you have entered >> Arrangement Then on the >> Personalization you select menu >> Display. On the menu >> Display search and select the menu >> Dark mode or the dark mode feature you want to apply.

URGENT!!! The dark mode feature is not available on all types of Xiaomi smartphones, only certain devices, especially those that have received an Android version update to version 9.0 aka Android Pie.

The following is an example of a dark mode display that has been activated on MIUI 10 on a Xiaomi smartphone. All system apps will have a dark/black theme, but not third-party apps.

Until now, this dark mode feature has only been officially available for MIUI 10 Global Beta which uses Android 9 Pie as the basis. And after the beta test, it will be rolled out to various other devices.

Currently the Xiaomi smartphone manufacturer is developing MIUI 11 which is claimed to be a cooler and more sophisticated operating system with the features contained in it. For Xiaomi MIUI 10 users that the dark mode feature is not present in the not so stable version, Xiaomi smartphone users can wait for the latest update of this Xiaomi system.