Easy Ways to Activate the Post Office COD Service on the QPosin Application and the Delivery Process

Now the COD service is a prima donna feature that is very much in demand by customers who buy goods online. A seller inevitably has to have this feature so that his merchandise is more in demand than usual. For this reason, the post office has pampered its customers by launching the COD delivery feature in its Delivery Service.

This COD service can be accessed at the Central Post Office, Branch Office or at the nearest Agenpos from the location of all friends. This article is intended for friends who want to use the COD service which is safer and not instant, there are several steps that must be taken to activate the COD feature and use it.

Easy steps to activate the Post Office COD Service:

1. Install the Application

Friends must install 2 applications owned by the post office, namely: Pospay Mobile and QPosin Only.

Pospay Mobile is used for: Cash Sales Account COD

Only QPOSin is used to: Make COD Delivery Orders, Print COD Invoices which will later be attached to parcels sent to the postal counter.

A. Make sure you already have a Pospay account (which is old PGM)

B. Make sure you have installed the QPosin App

  1. To install the QPosin App, friends, you can do the following: How to Install the QPosin Application Completely Step by Step.
  2. Fill in complete data according to ID card and active address, email and cellphone and active WhatsApp
  3. Activate the COD Feature in the QPosin App Only

After the two applications mentioned above are installed and have been set and correct then proceed to Step No. 2, namely the preparation of the post office COD package delivery

2. Process for Sending COD Packages at the Post Office

  1. Prepare an online sales package as usual.
  2. Create a COD Post Order Number (PON) at QPOSin, you can print the invoice and label, of course, make sure that you choose the COD feature and enter the COD value. The video of the steps for making this order, please check below.
  3. Invoices and labels can be printed, but the most important thing is that the PON Number (Pos Order Number) must be read by the officer later. So if the printer has a problem then the number can be written clearly.

Below is a video on how to order a COD Package on QPOSIN AJA Web

C. Process at the Post Office Counter

  1. The post at the post office was sent as usual, the sender stated that this shipment was a COD with a PON (Pos Order Number) generated at QPosin AJA. So that later the officer will add a COD sign on the Delivery Receipt, either in the form of a COD stamp or COD writing and input based on the PON number.
  2. The sender pays the shipping fee and receives proof of delivery. There will also be shipping options and the price of the goods, which are all borne by the buyer.

Until step C. means that the COD delivery process at the Post Office has been completed, now it’s just a matter of how to check that the shipment, if it has arrived then just wait for the COD Money transfer process to the sender’s PGM Account.

Here are some things that need to be considered in supervising COD Money Receipts:

  1. Please Track Posts on Track Post Office Shipments
  2. Usually the COD money will be transferred to the sender’s PGM account 1 to 2 days after the package is received by the consumer.
  3. If in tracking the package it has arrived and within 1 to 2 days the COD money has not been received to PGM, the sender can go to the nearest post office (the place where it is sent to file a complaint).

Want to send COD, please contact: 0812 7577 440 (Special for Pekanbaru, Riau)