Easy Ways to Draw using AutoDraw

Drawing on a computer or smartphone is generally more difficult than drawing on conventional paper or canvas, especially if you don’t use a stylus pen.

There is one solution to overcome these obstacles, namely using a web-based application called AutoDraw. This application was developed by Google and is equipped with artificial intelligence (AI).

The way AutoDraw works is to predict the scribbles of the images you make into clearer and neater visual objects. Here is an example:

photo – autodraw.com

Looks cool and interesting to try right? How to use it is quite easy, first you need access https://www.autodraw.com.

The site address can be accessed from computers, tablets, and smartphones, the display will adjust to the width of the device screen. Click Start Drawing to start drawing.

Draw an illustration of the object you want to create, AutoDraw will guess what image you mean and then give you a better selection of images to use.

Other Features

In addition to image correction, you can also add text, shapes, to fill colors on objects.

You can also save and share the resulting image to social media.


Because it is practical and fast in creating easy-to-understand drawings, you can use AutoDraw for presentations.

AutoDraw can also be used as a game with the family or to train your child to draw.