Easy Ways to Install WhatsApp Without Phone Number Verification | Xiaomi Indonesia 2021

Easy Ways to Install WhatsApp Without Phone Number Verification – Being one of the most popular chat applications, WhatsApp is indeed quite successful in providing the best service for its users through its convenience and various interesting features. In fact, the active users themselves are recorded to reach 1 billion every day.

Unfortunately, there are still people who feel insecure using WhatsApp. This is because this application requires users to use a smartphone number as a verification tool and then use it to exchange contacts. Even though not a few people want to use WhatsApp to just chat without having to have their smartphone number which is fairly private known to others.

Of course you must already know that to use WhatsApp you need an active phone number at that time on your smartphone. But not infrequently some of you also don’t want to register with the number we have to install the WhatsApp application, or maybe the number you want to use has been lost.

Don’t worry, if you are one of the types of people above, Xiaomi Indonesia has a solution to answer the concerns of all of you.

How to Install WhatsApp Without Verifying Phone Number

To register for WhatsApp without verifying your phone number, you can use two ways, namely by using Spooftext Messages and TextPlus, then how to use the application?

How to use the Spoof Text Messages app

The first step you have to do is download and install the WhatsApp application or you can also reinstall it if you are already using the WhatsApp application. After that, you activate Flight Mode or airplane mode on your smartphone, then run the WhatsApp application and register with your original phone number (which will not be verified due to Flight Mode), so WhatsApp will ask for other alternatives.

Next you select the method via SMS then enter your email address. Then click “SUBMIT” and immediately click “CANCEL”.

The next step you install the Spoof Text Messages application if you haven’t installed it, then open the application, after that go to OUTBOX then copy / copy the message details from the Spoof Text Messages, then SEND

Then use the phone number provided by the Spoof application to verify WhatsApp


In addition to using the Spoof Text Messages application and the above method, you can use the methods and other applications below.

Using the TextPlus App

The first step is to install WhatsApp and if you have installed it before you can reinstall the WhatsApp application, then you open the TextPlus application then open the Settings menu and select Contact

Then you will get a special phone number from TextPlus, copy / copy the number. The next step is to use this number to verify WhatsApp. Later, the SMS verification code will be received by the TextPlus application.

After that, copy the code and paste it on WhatsApp for the verification process.


That’s the way to Install Whatsapp without phone number verification that you can try. Good luck.