Easy Ways to Overcome Fingerprint Not Working on Xiaomi Successfully | Xiaomi Indonesia 2021

Easy Ways to Overcome Fingerprint Not Working on Xiaomi Successfully – Xiaomi smartphones are now continuing to develop technology, one of which is Fingerprint.

Xiaomi Fingerprint is a security system that uses our finger detection to activate a locked Xiaomi. You can enjoy this security system on the latest Xiaomi types released today.

However, this Fingerprint security system has weaknesses when used. Many Xiaomi users use Fingerprint for smartphone lock security.

However, there are problems found by Xiaomi users who use Fingerprint. Because on Xiaomi they can’t use the Fingerprint security system or fingerprint sensor.

This Fingerprint malfunction causes the use of Xiaomi to be disappointed. Fingerprint function or not, there are actually several factors that influence it. Both from Xiaomi and from users and their use.

Therefore, the Admin provides How to Overcome a Fingerprint that Doesn’t Work on Xiaomi Successfully. It is hoped that this method can fix Fingerprint that cannot be used on all types of Xiaomi.

How to Overcome Fingerprint Not Working on Xiaomi Successfully

This method can be done on all types of Xiaomi that use Fingerprint. Like Redmi 3s/3s prime, Redmi 4x, Redmi Note 3/pro, Redmi Note 4/4x and all types of Xiaomi that use Fingerprint.

There are several ways that the Admin will provide you with. For those of you who have problems with Fingerprint that cannot be used or cannot be used, you can follow the ways to fix Fingerprint below.

How to Overcome Fingerprint on All Types of Xiaomi Smartphones

This cleansing is shown on our fingers and on our Xiaomi.

This is done because the fingers of Xiaomi users are often sweaty and oily. This causes Fingerprint can not be used.

Solution : If on Xiaomi there is oil or dust etc., Prepare eucalyptus oil and tissue. eucalyptus oil drops on the Fingerprint and wipe with a tissue until the Fingerprint is clean. #before using Fingerprint make sure your fingers are clean and not greasy.

This method is done if the first method that the Admin provides still doesn’t work to cure Fingerprint on your Xiaomi.

means there is a problem with the system or firmware on your Xiaomi that causes Fingerprint not to work properly.

Solution : Do some research on Xiaomi on login to settings then backup and reset. #need to remember to backup your data and your Noodle Account. make sure you remember Mi’s email/no and password.

Xiaomi continues to develop its MIUI version until now up to MIUI 9 and several types of Xiaomi have also updated to MIUI 9. because every MIUI version there are several advantages and bugs found.

Solution : Update your updater settings, check for updates, make sure your internet connection is stable to update.

Flash on Xiaomi can clean all the bugs it has or can normalize your Xiaomi functions again

Solution : Re-flash with the latest Xiaomi firmware You can check and download the firmware on the Xiaomi Rom and follow the installation tutorial on Flash Xiaomi

This is the last way that Admin gives to repair damage to your Fingerprint.

Solution : Go to the nearest Xiaomi service center and inform your problem. Admin, this method, God willing, can fix a damaged Fingerprint.