Easy Ways to Overcome the Tilt Xiaomi Screen Accelerometer Sensor | Xiaomi Indonesia 2021

Easy Ways to Overcome the Tilt Xiaomi Screen Accelerometer Sensor – After a few weeks of not updating, finally in 2019, I am back again because many Xiaomi users feel that the Accelerometer is tilted to the left when playing games with tilt control (including me). The following are some tutorials that will be presented by Xiaomi Indonesia.

Playing games on Android is certainly very fun, especially if the Android smartphone you are using includes the middle class and above, of course it is definitely good for playing games.

However, what if your Android smartphone has problems, the time to play games is even tilted, so it’s not good, right? As an example of a car racing game, the game feels like it’s tilted to the left, if not to the left it’s tilted to the right.

And sometimes even when watching a 360-degree video using the Google Cardboard app, you’ll feel the image or video keeps on moving, doesn’t want to be steady. Because the Accelerometer Sensor is also used when we use the Google Cardboard application. And if there is a problem with the Accelerometer Sensor on Android, then watching 360-degree videos on Google Cardboard VR glasses will cause the image to continue to rotate and tilt. Here’s how to calibrate the sensors on a Xiaomi smartphone.

Here are the steps.

  • Turn off your Xiaomi Smartphone
  • Go to recovery by pressing Power + Volume Up together until it turns on
  • The Chinese language can be changed to English, select the one below right download until the language changes to English.
  • Pilih sensor testing
  • Then select accelerometer testing ( ) on number 1.
  • Put your Redmi 3 in a flat place, try not to tilt.
  • Press Calibrate ( ) which is green
  • Calibration is complete, save automatically, reboot your redmi 3.
  • To check if it’s straight, you can go to the Compass app, slide the right one, put it on a flat place, if it’s straight, the number will show 0.

NOTE : For the Android phone’s Accelerometer sensor that is a bit difficult to calibrate, try placing your Android phone on the tiled floor of your house. Because the magnetic sensor also affects the calibration of the Accelerometer Sensor.

That’s the tutorial about the Tilt Accelerometer Sensor on the xiaomi smartphone, hopefully this tutorial is useful and useful for Xiaomi users. Thank you.