Easy Ways to Use Mi Bluetooth Headset on Smartphones | Xiaomi Indonesia 2021

Easy Ways to Use Mi Bluetooth Headset on Smartphone – Bluetooth headset is a wireless headset, of course, the headset has its own advantages over wired headsets, because the headset uses a Bluetooth network connection, this type of headset does not need to be complicated with convoluted cables.

Basically, the use of all bluetooth earphones is the same, the only difference is the features and the on/off button on the earphones.

Here’s an Easy Way to Use Mi Bluetooth Headset on Smartphone
You turn on the Bluetooth Headset by pressing the on/off button until the indicator on the Bluetooth Headset flashes, it means the Bluetooth Headset signal is active.

Then look for the Bluetooth Headset signal on your smartphone by opening the Bluetooth menu, usually the Headset name will appear or Chinese writing appears. If the Bluetooth Headset signal does not appear, please scan it first.

Next, if it is connected, your Bluetooth Headset will make a sound indicating you are connected, and on your smartphone a Bluetooth Headset battery information menu will appear.

NOTE : The volume button located on your Bluetooth headset is used to adjust the volume, while the on/off button can be used to pause music and pick up calls.

That’s the guide on the tutorial on How to Easily Use Mi Bluetooth Headset on Smartphones, I hope the article above is useful and useful. Thank you