Example of a Short Rajab Friday Sermon Text About Isra Mi’raj

Example of a Short Rajab Friday Sermon Text About Isra Mi’raj – Would be good advice for preachers, when delivering Friday sermons in the month of Rajab containing matters related to that month, both in terms of fadilah, virtues, advice , history, or important events that occurred in it, such as those relating to the beginning of the commandment of the 5 daily obligatory prayers, regarding the history of the isra’ mi’raj of the prophet muhammad saw and so on.

In addition to the above, there are many very good practices to do in this month of Rajab, one of which is sunnah fasting, because the best sunnah fasting is fasting in one of the haram months, what is meant by haram months here is (noble) where It is forbidden to carry out war, it is recommended to donate well and many others.

For this reason, we will here show a pattern of Friday Rajab sermons related to the history or events of the Prophet Muhammad’s Isra’ Mi’raj until he arrived at Sidratul Muntawa and during the journey he met with the prophets, for the full sermon exclusively see below. this.

Example of a Short Rajab Friday Sermon Text About Isra Mi'raj 2017

اَلْحَمْدُ لله الَّذِيْ لَ لَهُ الْهُدَى الْحَـقِّ لِيُظْهِرَهُ لَى الدِّيْنِ لِّهِ لَوْ الْمُشْرِكُوْنَ لَا اله لاَّ الله أَنَّ ا لُ الله. اللّهُمَّ لِّ لَى لَى له ابِهِ . أما بعد فياعباد الله أوصيكم ونفسي بتقوى الله فقد فاز المتقون, اتقواالله حق تقاته ولاتموتن إلا وأنتم مسلمون, فقد قال الله تعالى في كتابه الكريم: سبحان الذي أسرى بعبده ليلا من المسجد الحرام إلى المسجد الأقصى الذي باركنا حوله لنريه من آياتنا إنه هو السميع البصير

Isra mi’raj is a very beautiful and extraordinary event that must be believed to be true. Ratio alone would not be able to reach the occurrence of this amazing event, without faith in the events experienced by the Prophet Muhammad SAW, the event has been described in the Qur’an Surah Al-Isra verse 1

Meaning: Glory be to Allah who has taken his servant one night from the Haram Mosque to the Al-Aqsa Mosque which we have blessed around him so that we may show him some of the signs of our greatness.

He is all-hearing, all-seeing (Surah Al-Isra: 1)

The Almighty has chosen Prophet Muhammad as the greatest messenger among the previous messengers, and Allah made his people the best among other peoples. Many privileges were bestowed by Allah swt on the Prophet Muhammad and his people. Among the very big and beautiful events, namely the Isra Mi’raj event of the Prophet Muhammad. In Islamic history it is explained that it starts from the Haram Mosque in Mecca to the Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem (Palestine) at night. Furthermore, his journey was continued by the seven heavens to Sidratul vomiting, continued to Mustawa, an area that could not be reached by any technological sophistication, an area whose essence was not known to anyone except the Prophet. With Allah swt then he returned to the Haram Mosque that very night, that night Allah swt showed light in front of Rasulullah SAW while bestowing the ocean of his gifts and pleasures in a very short time.

Ladies and gentlemen who are blessed by Allah
To find out the occurrence of this amazing event, we would like to see the following history. Imam Bukhari narrated from Qatadah, from Anas bin Malik, from Malik bin Sha’sha’ah, that the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) told them about the night he was in Isra’kan, he said, At that time I was in Hathim or according to another narration he said – in al-Hijr lying down suddenly I saw an angel, the narrator of hadith said, he said, He (the angel) splits what is between this and this. I said to al-jarud, up to two sides he meant? He said, starting from the curve of his chest to his hair (below the stomach), he said, then he took out my heart, I was brought a golden vessel filled with faith, with which my heart was washed and then returned.

Next, I was brought a dabbah (animal) which was smaller than bighal and bigger than white soybeans, Al-jarud said to Anas, the animal is a buraq, hi aba hamzah, Anas said, yes, he placed it directly in the farthest area. from his sight. I was raised on it, then the angel Gabriel took me away, so that it reached the heavens of the world and knocked. Say, who is this? he said , jibril , . Who are you with again? , jibril replied , muhammad , was said , has he been sent? Jibril replied, yes, he said again, congratulations on his arrival, the best of those who came have arrived, then the door of heaven was opened, when I entered, suddenly there was the prophet Adam as, Gabriel greeted him, and I greeted him , he then answered the greeting and said, greetings to the pious son and pious prophet.

Then Gabriel continued to take me up until he reached the second heaven, he knocked, asked, who is this? He replied, Jibril, said again, who is coming with you? He replied, Muhammad, it was said, has he been sent? He replied, yes, it was said, congratulations on his arrival, the best of those who have come have arrived, then the door of the second heaven was opened for us, when we entered it, suddenly there were Yahya and Isa, Jibril said, this is Yahya and Jesus, he greeted him and I too, they both answered and said welcome my pious brother and pious prophet.

Then Gabriel took me up to the third heaven, he knocked, asked, who is this? He replied, Jibril, said again, who is coming with you? He replied, Muhammad, it was said, has he been sent? He replied, yes, it was said, congratulations on his arrival, the best of those that have come have arrived, then the third heaven was opened, and after entering it suddenly there was the prophet Yusuf, Gabriel said, this is Yusuf, he greeted him and I did to him too, then he answered and said welcome my pious brother and pious prophet.

Ladies and gentlemen who are blessed by Allah
Then the prophet muhammad saw was brought by the angel ibril up to the fourth sky there they were both met with the prophet Idris, and in the fifth sky they were met with the prophet Aaron, then in the sixth sky they were met with the prophet Moses, but when the prophet would move went with jibril prophet musa crying, then he was asked, what made you cry?
He said, I wept because of a young man who was sent after me, his people enter heaven more than my people.

Next the prophet went to the seventh heaven with the angel Gabriel, then met with the prophet Abraham, Gabriel said, this is your father, they both greeted and the prophet Abraham answered. Then the prophet Muhammad was brought to Sidratul Muntha, Jibril said this is Sidratul Muntha, there are four rivers, two inner rivers and two Zahir rivers, I (the prophet) asked, what is this, O Jibril, he said, two inner rivers These are the two rivers of Paradise and the two Zahir rivers, namely the Nile and the Euphrates.

Then the prophet was raised to the prosperous temple, every day there were seventy thousand angels entering it, then a cup filled with wine was brought to me, a cup filled with milk and a cup filled with honey. I chose milk, then Gabriel said, He is fitrah, you and your ummah are in it.

Ladies and gentlemen who are blessed by Allah
The last part which is the highest peak of the journey of Isra’ and Mi’raj of the Prophet Muhammad SAW is facing the face of Allah Robbul Jali. May we be able to illustrate that in a very important honorary journey, it usually ends with an event that is very steady in the heart, namely facing (audience) the head of state from the country being visited, as the top holder of the domestic power. Likewise, the journey of the prophet Muhammad SAW which is very mysterious and monumental which is of very high value, then the event ends with the culmination of everything, namely the audience facing exclusively to Allah, the Most High and the Most Great.
In a most sublime area called Sidratul vomiting, in the veil of a holy atmosphere in a sea of ​​​​lights of divine majesty whose place and time is unknown, a sacred and solemn meeting between the beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW and his god, Allah Robbun Jali. The Prophet was given the opportunity to see Allah swt according to a method in an area and a situation that cannot be described by humans, which only the Prophet himself and Allah swt knew. This prayer command is different from other worship orders, because prayer is received by him exclusively from Allah SWT in a holy, sacred and very great atmosphere.

Ladies and gentlemen who are blessed by Allah
The greatest commandment of the prophet that was received exclusively from Allah swt is the five daily prayers which are the solid pillars of religion. It is during prayer that a believer faces Allah, prays, begs, and establishes an intensive kinship.

The Prophet said, “Verily Allah commands you to pray, therefore, when you pray, do not turn your head. Verily Allah turns his face to the faces of his servant who is praying as long as he does not turn his face away.” (HR. Imam Ahmad and Tirmidhi)

Then Rasulullah saw returned to the Mecca that same night and after dawn, he told the events that had just happened last night, a story that shocked and astonished all parties. Even for those who have faith, the fairy tale becomes a very heavy test between believing it or not. Because the journey is beyond the reach of their logical mind, if not the doctrine that is put forward to believe it. For the disbelievers, the fairy tale is increasingly making disobedience

their lies and ignorance. Because they usually travel to the Baitul Maqdis during the return trip it takes two months, therefore what the Prophet Muhammad said added to their hatred, disobedience and embassies. While any burning powder heard from the Messenger of Allah, he immediately confirmed and believed in the truth with all his heart so that he earned the nickname Abu Bakr As-Siddiq.

Ladies and gentlemen who are blessed by Allah
Thus the sermon that I delivered on this auspicious occasion, I hope that Allah swt will always bestow his taufiq and guidance on us, strengthen our doctrine until death, and gather us to the group of Allah’s lovers…Amiinnn….

اَرَكَ اللهُ لِيْ لكمْ القُرْآنِ العَظِيْمِ، وَإِيّاكُمْ الآياتِ الذِّكْرِ الحَكِيْمِ. اَلَى ادٌ لِكٌ