Expensive Smartphone Auction, Vertu Wants To Pay Off Debt

Expensive Smartphone Auction, Vertu Wants To Pay Off Debt

Expensive Smartphone Auction, Vertu Wants to Pay Off Debt – Smartphones from England were declared bankrupt in July 2017. And behind the bankruptcy, Vertu also had to pay off its debts which had reached Rp 2.1 trillion and not to mention the unpaid salaries of employees.

Murat Hakan Uzan as the owner of the company has not been able to pay his company Rp 2.1 trillion because only Rp 3.2 billion has been paid and so there are still a lot of arrears to pay off the debt. Therefore Vertu must take a quick way to resolve this problem.

Vertu also took the initiative to liquidate the assets owned by both selling its factory and also their expensive smartphones. Quoted from the old Phone Arena from Saturday, August 12, 2017 until the next few days Vertu has officially sold the contents of its factory in England including some of the items they have exhibited such as telephones, statues and awards they have received.

Expensive Smartphone Auction, Vertu Wants To Pay Off Debt

The auction house called GJ Wisdom & Co, which sells assets from Vertu, is still selling at high prices so that Vertu’s luxury devices are still untouched by middle-class buyers.

Vertu’s smartphone, the Vertu Signature, was sold for Rp. 253 million and was auctioned for Rp. 193 million. Indeed, from this price, of course, the price that is priced is still quite expensive, not to mention the 105 other smartphones that are usually used as collections are also still sold quite expensive starting from Rp. 266 million to Rp. 2.29 billion.

Vertu smartphones that are sold cheaply or are auctioned cheaply are only around 17.3 million and why this smartphone is sold cheaply because this product is an old product. I don’t know if there are still many fans or not.

What is certain is that if the total sales of these assets are calculated, Vertu will indeed get a lot of money, but the question arises again from netizens, will all the proceeds of the sale be able to pay all the bills or are there still many shortcomings?