Features For Android 11 System Should Be Coming Soon!

Feature for android system 11 Should be Coming Soon!


As the years go by, the operating system is always updated. So that in 2020 alone, the Android system will change to the latest version of the operating system. Its name is the android 11 system, of course with the android 11 system there must be many people who expect it. One of them is with a variety of interesting features and certainly more sophisticated than the previous system.

Well, the advantage is that there is certainly something different between the Android 11 system which will be coming soon with the features of the previous Android system. You need to know that the previous android system was the Android 10 system. When you want to update a system, you must first find out about the system. For example, what are the features that the Android 11 system provides to Android users. Of course, not just anyone can update the system. Want to know what the features are?

5g Features

Feature for android system 11 the first of these is the 5g feature. In Indonesia alone, there are still many people who use 3g and 4g networks. But even though it doesn’t exist in Indonesia yet, this feature deserves to be present on the 11 operating system. Because it’s in one of the countries, namely China, that already uses this 5g signal. Although not all countries know this signal. But this signal is feasible in some countries, of course 5g is better than 4g networks.

Feature one time permission

If you want to download an application, there will usually be a request for permission first. Of course, this is one of the features provided by the operating system 11, so if the user does not want to. So you don’t need to do this permission, but you can just press reject on the available button.

Cooler design

Feature for android system 11 the last one is a cooler design. If you know the design of each operating system is certainly different. Well, this also happens to this 11 operating system because this system does provide a better design.

Features on android system 11 This is intended for Android users. So that Android can also compete with others.

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