Features On Android 9 Or Android Pie System

Features On Android 9 Or Android Pie System


If you are a true Android user, you are definitely familiar with this Android 9 system. Because the android 9 system is an old android system. So that this system has been replaced with the latest Android system at this time. But the features that are in the android 9 system should not be underestimated because you don’t know there are some unique features in it. Even if you want to know there are actually a lot of features.

Usually when you want to update the operating system, the device will automatically ask to be updated. Because by updating the system, it can reduce the damage that occurs to your device. So this is really important, try to imagine if you don’t update. Then you won’t know what it looks like on the latest operating system. Can it be better than the previous system or not? For those of you who want to know, you can follow this article!

There is a dark mode

Features in android 9 system the first of these is there is a dark mode. This dark mode is present of course because of this Android 9. Now there are many applications that use dark mode. Call it like Whatsapp and Telegram, of course this dark mode usually has a black color.

There are features smart reply

So, if you use social media often, there are certain things that interest you. One of them is that this smart reply makes it easier for you to reply to messages. So when a message comes in, the device will be immediately notified with the message that goes to your device.

Can edit screenshots

Features in android 9 system the third is that it can be edited screenshots. Screenshots is one thing you can do. Besides being able to capture the screen of the device, you can directly edit the screenshot taken. So you can delete some parts you don’t want.

Features in android 9 system does provide a lot of interesting feature options. Well, now you know why the feature is still there even though the operating system has changed.

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