Find out more about the difference between Android and iPhone

Find out more about the difference between Android and iPhone


Find out more about the difference between Android and iPhone – Nowadays smart phones have become the main needs of everyone, because without them everyday life can be disrupted. There are two types of operating systems used by device, namely Android and iPhone. Both have a loyal fan base and each has its advantages and disadvantages.

Those of you who are interested in technological developments should know the following. That way, it will be easier for you to determine the type of smartphone that suits your needs.

Differences in Use

If judging from the use of difference between android and iphone, Android is just a system built into a device. Until now, Google as an Android developer has never issued a phone that specifically uses the Android system.

Unlike the iPhone, this Apple-made smartphone is indeed designed in such a way that it is only used on one special device. The development is much easier, and the iPhone can work in sync with the device used. Unlike Android, which must adjust the type of device it is installed on.

Applications Used

If you’re using Android, the number of apps you can download and install is unlimited and far more than the iPhone. Difference between android and iphone for in this case it looks conspicuous. Because some application developers will usually target the Android system first because of its wide market share.

Unlike the iPhone, you can’t download apps unless they’re from the Apple App Store. You are also not given the freedom to change the view home screenn mobile phone freely, unless it is provided by developer. It is seen thataApple doesn’t want competition in app selection and system development.

With this explanation, those of you who prefer to tinker with these devices with their applications, then Android is the right choice for you. Different if you prefer the look smooth and a device that is comfortable to use, then the iPhone will be the preferred choice.

That’s difference between android and iphone in general, you can adapt your smartphone type to the current needs. So that smart phones can support your daily activities and activities.