Free 10GB Internet Quota from Tri Credit Top Up

Free Quota Tri , Hello friends, loyal Tri card users, at this time the Remja Group admin will give a trick how to get 10GB internet quota 24 hours from us reloading Tri card credit, this quota is obtained by Promo Banking

This Free Tri Internet Quota promo has been around for a long time and is valid from 1 December 2019 to 31 January 2020, let’s hurry up and top up your credit to get a 10GB Tri Card Free Internet Quota.

to get a free tri 10GB internet quota, it’s easy by reloading your pulse at least 100,000 at the bank, remember to use a bank, you can bank BCA, Mandiri, BRI, BNI, CIMB Niaga, for the transaction process you can use ATM, Internet banking, Mobile Banking and SMS Banking. (Partner Bank Banking Services).

So you will get a credit package promo and a 10GB data quota for each reload transaction of a minimum of IDR 100,000, for 1 (one) transaction and does not apply to multiples,

10GB data quota will be received, after the top-up through the Partner Bank Banking Service is successful.
The active period of the 10GB data quota is for 3 (three) days after the top-up transaction through the Partner Bank Banking Service is successful.

What is Free Internet Quota Tri

Tri Free Internet Quota is a free internet quota that comes from the tri directly, so we get a reward from the tri card in the form of internet quota, which can be used to access all sites

but for this tri free internet quota, it can only be used at 01.00 – 12.00

Complete information on Tri Free Internet Quota

  • Main Quota : 10GB usable on all Tri network
  • Can only be used at 01.00 – 12.00 (WIB, WITA, WIT)
  • as long as the Customer number is in the Active Period.

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Tutorial on how to get Free 10GB Internet Quota from Tri Pulsa Refill

Special internet quota

as I explained above, to get a free internet quota we have to transact with a bank, you can Internet Banking, Mobile Banking and SMS Banking, to top up credit with bank services I will explain below

Free 10GB Internet Quota from Tri Credit Top Up

You may have to use transactions at Bank BCA, Mandiri, BRI, BNI, CIMB Niaga to get a quota

How to Top Up Credit With Mobile Banking

  • Open the Mobile Banking Application
  • Enter your Mobile Banking Username and Password
  • then select on “purchase”
  • Then Select Credit
  • Enter your tri cellphone number and credit nominal

because we have to buy 100,000 credits to get a free 10GB internet quota

after successful, wait a few seconds the pulse will enter

after that, we will get an sms credit Top Up Credit 100,000 successful

Wait a few minutes, you will get 10GB free quota for free

cheap internet package

That’s a short tutorial that I can convey to you about the Free 10GB Internet Kouta Internet Package from Tri Pulsa Refill, if you have any questions, please contact wa admin