Full Korea VPN Review

on today’s opportunity I will convey some information about Full Korea VPN Review OpenVPN For Android” is a full featured Android VPN client for OpenVPN Access Server, Private Tunnel VPN and OpenVPN Community, developed by OpenVPN Technologies, Inc, this plug-in is not developed by OpenVPN Technologies, Inc.

Full Korea VPN Review

Full Korea VPN Review

Data channel encryption, through the firewall, to protect your privacy

Features of Korea VPN

Keep your mobile activities safe & private. protect your online privacy when using the Internet in potentially unsafe locations, such as unprotected WiFi hotspots in hotels or cafes.

iOVPN support countries:

  1. Canada
  2. German
  3. Indonesia
  4. Japan
  5. Korea
  6. Russia
  7. Taiwan
  8. Thailand

Main features of Korea VPN

  1. Free
  2. One click easy to get the best OpenVPN Profile.
  3. Easy one click to get next OpenVPN Profile.
  4. Support for sending email with OpenVPN Profile.
  5. Support for changing country.
  6. Unlimited VPN bandwidth

Important Information of Korea VPN

  1. This application is a plug-in, it cannot work independently.
  2. It is recommended to install OpenVPN official client “OpenVPN For Android”, this application to do some special design.

How to Use Korea VPN

As an “OpenVPN For Android” plugin as an example:

  1. Install this application, while installing “OpenVPN For Android”
  2. Open this app, click Refresh button, server list will appear later
  3. Click the “Play” button, the IP address of the OpenVPN profile will be saved, imported and started to connect to the server via the pass command to the “OpenVPN For Android” application.
  4. If you are lucky enough, the free server is not busy, your device will successfully connect to the VPN server.

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Problems About Korea VPN

  • Believe this program” can not be checked?

Software conflict installation, check whether the installation of the so-called “blue filter” software, please try to stop (or temporarily uninstall)

  • Unable to connect to server, showing error: “PolarSSL: SSL read error: X509 – certificate verification failed”.

Some servers may not work very stable, press the “reload” button to get a new server ip to try again.

This free application is not able to guarantee the quality of service.

Additional Information About Korea VPN

  1. Updated : January 10, 2018
  2. Installation : 100,000 – 500,000
  3. Current Version : 3.1.6
  4. Require Android version : 4.0.3 and up
  5. Content Rating : Rating 3+
  6. Offered By : LWFD

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