Full Review of Opera Max VPN

On this occasion today I will provide important information about Full Review of Opera Max VPN Opera Max Data management and privacy application Opera Max is a data management and privacy application that allows you to control how much data the application consumes while protecting your privacy in unsecured mobile and Wi-Fi connections. Across your apps, games, streaming media, and now Facebook,

Opera Max helps you save data with an added layer of security. The revamped home screen is your stop for help and recommendations for maximum savings and security. Save you more money on data plans with the smartest data and security manager available.

how to use Opera Max VPN
  • New home screen that provides smart assistance

Opera Max’s streamlined home screen provides everything you need to know about your apps’ data consumption and handling your security. Smart help and recommendations are available to help you manage app data usage and identify your privacy exposure. Enabling savings and privacy modes is quicker and easier on Opera Max’s revamped home screen.

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  • Compress and save your data

Today’s life demands constant mobile or Wi-Fi connectivity, but our apps can consume more data than necessary, limiting our time to stream videos or play games on the go. Opera Max reduces data consumption by compressing your app’s content without compromising its quality, ensuring you browse, chat, or play longer games without soaring your monthly bill.

  • Introducing Savings on Facebook

Facebook is the best app to stay up to date with friends, photos, videos and news, but it also consumes a lot of data. Opera Max currently applies data compression tools to the world’s most popular applications, allowing you to spend more time – not data! – connect with friends. You can log in via Opera Max itself or via a homepage shortcut created by the app.

  • Protection from hackers and trackers

Of course, all this compressed data needs to be protected. With our added layer of encrypted security, your personal information will stay safe and free from ad trackers, snoopers and hackers. Privacy mode puts your apps in incognito mode, discards cookies and stops untrusted apps from sharing your personal information with ad trackers. Shopping and banking made safer with Opera Max which protects your details from being collected, sold or stolen by thieves.

  • Useful reports for smart management

Whenever Opera Max’s saving mode is activated, regular reports on the amount of data stored as well as data consumed, will be provided. Using Opera Max’s management tools, you can limit or prohibit application data usage and adjust the portion of its data. Perfect for traveling when you don’t want roaming data bills to skyrocket but still want to use a few selected apps.

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Full Review of Opera Max VPN On Android

  Full Review of Opera Max VPN On Android

Opera Max is a smart assistant for Android, which gives you the best personalized suggestions to save your data, protect your security, and manage apps. Your usage pattern prompts Opera Max to suggest the most efficient way to expand your data plan, which saves you money. The revamped home screen helps you track and control your app’s data consumption while also reporting on external security threats.

So browse, stream, chat and play regardless of your data plan or privacy – Opera Max is always there for you!

Opera Max Features

  1. Opera Max tracks application data usage and provides advice on how best to reduce wasted data – save you money – and protect your privacy.
  2. Detailed data and privacy risk reports give you smart help and more power in managing your apps.
  3. Opera Max offers savings tools designed for Facebook, which keep you connected longer to the world without wasting your data plan.
  4. Opera Max’s data compression tool extends your time on YouTube, Instagram and more – perfect for travel!
  5. Have a data-consuming app? Manage apps by limiting mobile and Wi-Fi data consumption to save money.
  6. Use Opera Max’s super-secure and encrypted connection while on public Wi-Fi to ensure your personal information is protected.
  7. Go into incognito mode on all your apps to avoid ads and targeted data by intruders tracking you.
  8. In addition to stronger security, Opera Max improves Wi-Fi connectivity for your applications when the signal is weak or the Wi-Fi hotspot is full.

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More about Opera Max

  1. How does it work? With data saving and privacy mode enabled, your app content is compressed and encrypted through Opera Max’s servers before it reaches your Android device.
  2. How do I get more time in saving and privacy mode? When you tap the Opera Max button, data saving or privacy mode, you’ll get twelve hours of savings/protection.


Added VIP mode gives you unlimited data savings and privacy


Additional Information About Opera Max

  1. Updated : January 15, 2018
  2. Size : Varies by device
  3. Installation : 10,000,000 – 50,000,000
  4. Current Version : Varies by device
  5. Requires Android version : Varies by device
  6. Content Rating : Rating 3+
  7. Offered By : Max apps