Fun! This is the easiest way to move applications to a memory card!

how to move apps to memory card

HP memory full fast? It’s annoying! But calm down, as usual Mimin always has interesting information to follow. Yep, today the admin will give you the easiest and most successful way to move applications to a memory card. You want to?

Most of the android phone users will be confused if suddenly the memory becomes full. This will inevitably result in the failure of the current file storage attempt. Worse, files such as photos, videos may not be stored properly alias can be lost.

If this happens to you, don’t panic. The reason is how to move applications to a memory card is quite simple and certainly works. You know, the admin always has suggestions and fun tips for you tech fans. Instead of taking too long, read the following article to the end!

Simple! How To Move Apps To A Memory Card In Just 5 Minutes!

Realizing the phone memory is full while taking pictures or videos is annoying. But that was then, now you don’t have to worry anymore. There are tips and tricks that you can apply to solve this problem. However, before that you must know the following first!

1. Android 8.0 Oreo

You know that Android has various classifications, such as 8.0 Oreo, one of them. So it needs special attention so that when applying this method will give satisfactory results. Immediately yes;

  • Go to settings
  • Click on the app option along with notifications
  • click application info.
  • Next, swipe down to select which app you want to move to the SD Card. And click select
  • Then select a storage option. Also keep in mind that the application can be moved to the SD card so you will see the storage used
  • Select the Change button
  • Don’t forget to press the SD Card option that you will use to move the application, then click Move, done!

2. Android 9.0 Pie

How to move applications to a second memory card is on the Android 9.0 pie type. For information, if your phone is not supported by adobtable storage, or more popularly with the external memory controller feature, it becomes internal memory. You can do how to move the application to the memory card manually. However, keep in mind that applications that have been installed generally cannot be removed through this method. The method is;

  • Open settings
  • Tap on apps and notifications option
  • click info
  • Select the application you want to remove, then click storage
  • If the application fails to move to the SD Card, a change menu will appear. And tap that button yeah
  • Don’t forget to press the SD card that appears in the change storage dialog box and tap Move when a confirmation message is displayed. Finished!

For the record, if one day you want to remove the SD Card, then to restore it simply repeat the steps above. Important, the last step is don’t forget to click Internal Shared Storage. It’s easy, right?

Although now many advertised a variety of external memory, of course, still be careful when buying.

I want it to be durable, load a lot to be able to minimize viruses and malware. Well, I also have fun tips for choosing the best memory card that you can use as a reference.

5 Things You Must Know When Choosing an SD Card!

It is undeniable, in the era of 4.0 which is increasingly skyrocketing to make cellphones like multifunctional tools. In fact, in order to support the ability of smartphones to make this microSD a game. Although this tiny object is fairly trivial, in fact it can make your cellphone more optimal in performance.

how to move apps to memory card

Although a number of smartphones have been equipped with internal memory, the fact is that the prestige of the MicroSD has never dropped. So that many people continue to use it as a tool to support the needs of their sophisticated mobile phone. But, in this case you have to be picky, you know! Because the wrong choice can be dangerous. Wow, really?

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Choosing the Right External Memory!

How to move applications to a memory card is considered the right way to reduce the buildup of files on the internal memory. In addition, you will be more flexible to manage what applications can enter your cellphone.

Ideally, when choosing a microSD with a capacity of 32GB, that’s right. However, pay attention to the things below when choosing the mini that functions to the maximum!

1. MicroSD Speed

The first thing to consider when buying a microSD is speed. This speed is suspected to be able to affect the performance of the memory card to manage the data in it. If you are a mobile user who actively uses multimedia content, it is better to choose MicroSD class 10.

In addition, MicroSD speed has 2 speed variants. Namely the UHS version or just Class. Do you know what UHS is? Yep, Ultra High Speed ​​is considered more capable than the class version only. To tell the difference, you just have to look at the letters listed. If you find the letter U with the numbers 1 or 2 then this type is UHS. Meanwhile, for the Class type, the letter C will appear along with the Class numbers.

2. Kinds

Although at first glance this microSD looks similar, but it is very different, you know! You can catch this difference easily when you see the two types on offer. Namely;

a. SDHC Type
how to move apps to memory card

This type of MicroSD stands for Secure Digital High Capacity. SDHC capacity is generally 2GB to 32GB.

b. SDXC Type
how to move apps to memory card

Short for Secure Digital Extended Capacity, it has a larger capacity than the first type. That is between 32GB to 2TB. What you need to remember, if you find a microSD in the market with a capacity of 64GB with SDHC writing, you can be sure the item is a fake.

3. Feature Support

Many found on MicroSD are always equipped with built-in features. Which no other type of external memory has. For example, the SanDisk Memory Zone brand. It has easy file management features, fast access to backup protection, making this memory card even more popular.

4. Check External Memory Support

Taking into account the memory capacity of the phone is quite important. For example, you will save photos or videos with a 16MP camera. Then the size of the file that will be generated is about 7 MB. Well, to make it easier and more flexible to save files, it is necessary to choose a memory with a minimum capacity of 64GB, it can also be 128GB.

However, can your phone’s external memory support such a large capacity? So, first check the toughness of the external memory you have. You know, if it doesn’t fit, it will cause a loss.

5. Warranty

This warranty issue is important, you know, buddy! The reason is, the guarantee will help you when things go wrong. For example, the specs do not match the real product, system errors or a series of other problems. For some well-known brands usually provide a warranty between 1 to 3 years. This guarantee is given if the damage caused is not the result of human error itself.

How do you know the more you know? Don’t forget to try how to move apps to a memory card right now! So that all applications and files can be controlled more easily.