GameMax Telkomsel Package UMB Dial Code 30GB Price 25,000

gamemax telkomsel, this time the admin will give a tutorial on how to buy a gamemax telkomsel package using the UMB Dial Code, GameMax 31.5GB package at a price of 25,000

in the previous tutorial I have also given a tutorial on how to buy a gamemax package using the My Telkomsel application and the DigiPost Outler Telkomsel application,

almost all GameMax package prices have relatively the same price, even if you buy from My Telkomsel, Digipos or Via UMB Dial code

I made this tutorial because of the experience of my ignorant friend, who has not been able to use the My Telkomsel application or other Online applications, I suggest using the dial code because it is simpler and easier for beginners who don’t know how to use the My Telkomsel application.

buy a gamemax package by using a dial code, we don’t need to use internet access, and don’t need to login to the my telkomsel application first

What is Gamemax Dial Code

gamemax dial code is a UMB dial code, in the phone application this code can be a combination of numbers, its function is to buy gamemax packages easily and quickly for beginners

GamesMAX terms and conditions

  • Game quota can be used for Mobile Legends Games, Free Fire, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile (PUBG Mobile) ShellFire, Arena of Valor, LINE Let’s Get Rich and Garena Free Fire
  • You are also entitled to a DG voucher which can be redeemed with life/redeem to 56 diamonds for the mobile legend game
  • This GamesMax Unlimited Play Internet package is only valid for prepaid product customers
  • Packages can be purchased at least 5 times in 1 month (1 cellphone number)

Complete Tutorial on how to Buy GameMax Telkomse Package using Dial Code

how to Buy GameMax Telkomse Package using Dial Code

telkomsel Gamemax package dial code

first of all, you need to prepare credit with a minimum of IDR 25,000 or 30,000 to buy the gamemax package, for the complete tutorial below

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  • Open Phone App
  • then Type UMB Dial Code


Choose the gamemax package you want to buy, for example as below

Free Fire Rp: 25.000
AOV Rp: 25.000
LGR line Rp: 25.000
Black Desert Mobile Rp: 25.000
Rise Of Nowlins Rp: 25.000
Silver Google Play Rp: 25.000

  • Confirm purchase by pressing 1 Buy

to buy the package, if the process is successful, you will get an SMS from 363 containing

“GamesMAX Unlimited Play Free fire package has been active for 30 days”

Dial Code Claim Vocher GameMax Telkomsel

first of all you must have purchased the Telkomsel Gamemax package first, if you haven’t bought it you can try the tutorial above first

  • Open Phone App
  • then Type UMB Dial Code


  • Choose 1, Claim Voucher
  • Choose the game you want to claim

for example, the admin buys the gamemax mobile legend package, I want to claim diamonds for my legend mobile game, I choose 2 Mobile Legends

Enter your Server ID and Mobile legend account ID

Wait a few minutes, then your account already has 50 diamonds that enter

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This is the information and tutorial that the admin shared about how to buy a Gamemax package with a dial code and how to claim a voucher using a dial code.