Get to know and review Telkomsel’s GamesMAX Packages

GamesMAX Package , a package for games , Telkomsel’s GamesMAX package is often used by games, therefore this package is often used by gamers

GamesMAX Telkomsel, has a very stable ping connection, I have tried to play Mobile legend online games, the ping is never red and is classified as green stable, I have tried using this internet package, I have tried ping 20ms – 80ms

You already know, the speed and stability of the Telkomsel network, that’s why I recommend for you, to buy the GamesMAX package to play Moba online games on your smartphone, the Telkomsel GamesMAX package has an active period of 1 month

not only that you can also get bonuses in the form of diamonds, certain items and even google play vouchers for free, if you buy the Telkomsel GamesMAX Internet Package

In general, the GamesMAX package is differentiated in various ways depending on the needs, such as the quota for Telkomsel which has many quota options, specifically for certain applications, the GamesMAX quota is like that too.

This GamesMAX quota only focuses on certain games, for example you buy the GamesMAX Telkomsel Free fire package, so the quota can only be used for the Free Fire Game.

Get a special Outfit Box in the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile (PUBG Mobile) game through the activation of the GamesMAX package right now!

What is Telkomsel’s GamesMAX package

What is Telkomsel's GamesMAX package

GamesMAX Telkomsel is a game quota from Telkomsel which is specifically for Telkomsel customers who like to play games on smartphones, you can buy this package if you often play online games.

What Games Are Available for GamesMAX Quota?

max games pack game

  • PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile
  • PUBG Mobile
  • Mobile Legends
  • LINE Let’s Get Rich
  • Arena of Valor

Max game package terms and conditions

Internet GamesMAX package is valid for prepaid and postpaid subscribers.

  • Maximum package activation 5 times for 1 number in 1 month.
  • The delay between activations is at least 5 minutes.
  • The order of consumption priority is: game content quota for all networks (DPI All Network) then local internet quota for all networks (Local All Network).
  • If the customer’s package quota has not been used up when purchasing the same package, then the customer’s internet quota will be accumulated and the package’s active period will be renewed following the latest package’s active period.

GameMax quota sharing mechanism

if you have purchased the Telkomsel GamesMAX package, you will usually get a variety that will use a regular quota. as below

Game Max quota share

Internet package with quota details as follows:

  • 1GB for all networks.
  • 2GB quota only for playing games.
  • If there is an in-game update from the game publisher, it’s possible

not only that you will also get a game voucher bonus or Google Play from purchasing the Telkomsel GamesMAX Package, you can choose a voucher for one of the following games:

  • Mobile Legends: 33 Diamonds
  • ShellFire: 20 Ruby and Double Coin Card (1 day).
  • Garena Free Fire: Lucky Box for a chance to get one of: Seaman Ford, Nikita, Skull Mask, Black Activewear (Hoodie), Cool Activewear (Hoodie), Singlet (Help!), Silver Loot Crate, and Gold
  • Garena Shells: 25 Shells
  • Arena of Valor: Crystal
  • PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile (PUBG Mobile): Lucky Box.
  • LINE Let’s Get Rich: 1 cube containing S+ material light, S transcendent light, 100k gold, 100 stars candy, S popular pendant ticket
  • Google Play Voucher worth IDR 5,000

there are many ways that you can try to buy a Telkomsel Gamemax package via Dial UMB, Maxstream Application, Mkios, My Telkomsel, Virtual Assistant, Linkaja and even Digipost which I will briefly discuss below.

Purchase Telkomsel GamesMAX Package Via UMB Dial

How to purchase GamesMAX Internet Package?
Purchase of GamesMAX Internet Packages for prepaid customers can be through:

  • Open Phone App
  • then Type Dial UMB
  • *363*678#.
  • Click OK/Yes

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Purchase the Telkomsel GamesMAX Package via the MyTelkomsel Application.

  • Open My Telkomsel App
  • Login with your telkomsel number
  • press Shop => Select Entertainment
  • Choose the available GamesMAX Package

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Purchase the GamesMAX Package via Veronika

Virtual Assistant (Veronika) via social media.

  • Open one of Telkomsel’s Virtual Assistants HERE
  • enter your phone number
  • enter otp code
  • write maxstream , it will be processed by Veronika’s bot

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How to claim the bonus voucher?

Voucher claims can be made by accessing *363*678#.

  • Open Phone App
  • Type Dial UMB


  • press OK/yes
  • Choose the Voucher you want

so much information about my review and experience when using the Telkomsel GamesMAX Package, which is specifically an internet package for playing games, if you find it difficult, you can ask the Telkomsel Call Center or comment below