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Definition of GNS3 (Graphical Network Simulator 3)

GNS3 is a GUI based network simulator software / Cisco IOS emulator (cisco router operating system) “not only Cisco IOS” software.

Almost similar to Cisco Packet Tracer, but has the advantage that it emulates the real configuration of Cisco devices and can be used to design network topologies according to the project to be built.

In GNS3 there are Dynamips, is a computer emulator program created for Cisco router IOS emulation. Read more on the Dynamips Wiki Dynamips will be included as a software package with GNS3 but we must first install this program.

Why use GNS3?
1.Real-time network simulation without the need hardware original.
2.Can be used for pre-test set up network, in order to reduce the time set up which are actually.
3. Can be used for educational simulations for students, friends, etc. without using the original hardware device and its topology.

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How to install GNS3 read here: LukmanLAB

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See Minimum Requirements & Recommended Requirements GNS3

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