Globalization: Definition, Causes and Effects of Globalization

Definition of Globalization, Causes and Impacts of Globalization – Globalization based on the greats is a social process caused by the progress of the times and can have both positive and negative impacts. According to the language, globalization consists of two phrases, namely global and sasi, global means popular around the world and sasi means process. So it can be concluded that the notion of globalization is a process of progress that follows the current development of the times.

The factors that cause globalization generally come from various directions. But the main cause of globalization is the development of an increasingly fast era. The development of this era requires humans to adapt in order to be able to survive with the conditions of an increasingly advanced and modern era. We can feel the impact of globalization in our daily lives, starting from the use of smartphones, internet use, the emergence of sophisticated cooking utensils, the discovery of solar power and so on. Basically, globalization can have positive and negative impacts if studied more deeply.

Globalization based on the greats is a social process caused by the progress of the era of Globalization: Definition, Causes and Impact of Globalization

We cannot avoid the influence of globalization, this is because the current of development continues to increase. The more obsolete the more modern era as well as globalization that occurs. Finally, globalization will continue to occur and develop along with the current development of the times

Definition of Globalization, Causes and Impacts of Globalization

Basically, globalization has many meanings, namely the notion of globalization based on the language, the notion of globalization based on experts, and the understanding of globalization in general. There are many causes of globalization including the development of the times and human needs. Besides that, globalization also has positive and negative impacts, and the following is the material for the discourse on globalization that I have successfully summarized.

Understanding Globalization According to Experts

The greats interpret the notion of globalization as follows:

  1. Thomas L Friedman: Globalization is a mixture of technology and ideological dimensions. The ideological dimension itself is the free market and capitalism, while the technological dimension is the use of issues and technology that connects the world.
  2. Emanuel Richer: Globalization is a network on a global scale that unites the world community in a bond that needs each other.
  3. Malcom Waters: Globalization is a social process that causes the idea that geographical restrictions in terms of social and culture are becoming less important.
  4. Achmad Suparman: Globalization is a process to make attitudes and objects a special characteristic of an individual without being limited by geography and region.
  5. Martin AlbrownGlobalization is the process of connecting people around the world into a single world community.

Factors Causing Globalization

Globalization that occurs is not a coincidence, the factors causing globalization can be divided into two, namely internal factors and external factors

Internal Factors Cause Globalization

  1. A sense of dependence of a country with other countries.
  2. Developing democracy and government transparency.
  3. Freedom of opinion.
  4. The emergence of various non-governmental organizations and political forums.
  5. Development of exemplary thought and community education.

External Factors Cause Globalization

  1. The development of science and technology or science and technology.
  2. Development of means of communication.
  3. The emergence of the contract holding the free market.
  4. Increasing the functions and tasks of international forums.
  5. The occurrence of modernization in various fields.
  6. Current human rights developments.

Positive and Negative Impacts of Globalization

The occurrence of globalization will certainly have an impact, both positive and negative. We cannot avoid these impacts because they are concrete.

Positive Impact of Globalization

  1. Increased discipline and work ethic owned by the community.
  2. Increased community productivity which will lead to a better life.
  3. The use of technology is better than ever.
  4. Advances in transportation, technology and communication.
  5. Mobilas is high due to increased means of transportation.
  6. Increased development of an area.
  7. Can disseminate culture through tourism.
  8. Expanding market and increasing state income.

Negative Impact of Globalization

  1. It is easier for strange cultures to enter Indonesia.
  2. The sense of community has increasingly faded because they always depend on technology.
  3. The smuggling of illegal goods into Indonesia.
  4. There is social inequality.
  5. Inhibiting growth in the domestic industrial sector.
  6. The emergence of wasteful habits and likes to squander money.

That is the material of the globalization discourse which includes the understanding, causes and impacts of globalization that is happening in Indonesia. Globalization is indeed very important for survival and makes life easier. However, with the negative impact of globalization, we as citizens must be aware of our surroundings so that we are not affected by this negative impact. Thank you.

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