Google Adsense Western Union Disbursement Will Stop

western union adsense disbursement stopped

In the early hours of August 21, 2020, the admin email registered with the Google Adsense account received a notification stating that Google Payments would stop disbursing Western Union on Google Adsense.

Whereas for Adsense accounts that earn mediocre or not too big, Western Union is one payment method that is quite easy.

Some of the reasons are because there is no discount on shipping costs and the rate or conversion value of the US dollar to rupiah is much higher when compared to the exchange rate at banks in Indonesia.

In addition, when withdrawing at the Post Office, there is no charge and only asked to fill out a form, and sometimes even just being asked to sign because the form will be filled out by high school / vocational students who are street vendors.

Please also note that as the admin knows that Google Adsense publishers who have been able to use Western Union as a payment option are publishers who have registered before November 2015, and for publishers registered after that month and year the only payment method available is wire transfer (transfer). bank).

When will Western Union Adsense Disbursement Stop?

google payment team email

According to the email that the admin received as in the screenshot above, Google will enforce the termination of payment methods using Western Union starting in early 2021.

And it is clearly written that it does not only apply to Google Adsense publishers but also to other Google-owned online advertising platforms such as Google AdMob and Google Ad Manager.