GoyangInBima+ New Feature Shake HP in Bima Tri Application

Since a few days ago, the admin has actually received an SMS notification from 111 which belongs to the provider informing them that there is a feature or toy in the Bima Plus application called GoyangInBima+.

Initially the admin always ignored the contents of the sms message, until the sms continued to arrive in a row for the umpteenth time.

And the notification sms reads as follows:

Open the bima+ application then shake your cellphone, get ready to be surprised by the surprise!. Invite your friends now for #GoyangInBima+“.

So what exactly is Goyang In Bima+?

It turned out that it was only a promotion of various tri service products and from the experience of the admin who had shaken the Bima Plus application several times, it turned out that what came out was not far from offering 10 GB unlimited+ internet packages.

And because of what surprises the admin will get after shaking the admin’s cellphone, it turns out that what comes out is always the same internet package offer.

As for how to shake the Bima Plus application, it is enough to open the latest updated version of the Bima Plus application because the old version does not support the GoyangInBima+ feature, then shake or shake your cellphone until it vibrates and a notification appears.


Don’t know yet what the Goyang In Bima+ feature will be developed for, but what is clear for now is that there is nothing special at all according to the admin.