Here’s how to tell the difference between Xiaomi Ori and KW LCDs | Xiaomi Indonesia 2021

Here’s how to differentiate between Xiaomi Ori and KW LCDs– LCD is one part of this smartphone, its function is very important, the function of LCD is to display everything that is already in the smartphone. Just imagine if there is no LCD on a smartphone? So you don’t see anything, do you?

Because as we know, Xiaomi is one of the five largest smartphone vendors in the world.

That way, many Xiaomi products are counterfeited by other companies to make a profit.

In this modern era, it is very easy to get smartphone spare parts because there are so many smartphone shops that you can find. But there are things you need to pay attention to when you want to buy a new smartphone LCD because there are so many fake / imitation LCDs on the market.

Generally, the creators of counterfeit products fake smartphone spare parts that sell well, xiaomi is one of the smartphone manufacturers whose spare parts are mostly counterfeited by irresponsible people.

So it is very important to know which is the original xiaomi LCD and which is the fake xiaomi LCD.

An Easy Way to Distinguish between Genuine and Fake Xiaomi LCDs Easily
1. To avoid unwanted things, make sure that your Xiaomi smartphone battery is more than 60% charged. If your Xiaomi smartphone battery is damaged, it’s better to just charge it.

2. Then turn on your Xiaomi smartphone. Because to check the original or fake Xiaomi LCD, we will enter the screen testing menu. So the condition of the smartphone must be on or active.

3. If so, open the dial phone application. That’s the phone application that you usually use to make calls. Then type the code *#*#64663#*#*. Some Xiaomi models require you to click the call button, some don’t.

4. Then the Xiaomi smartphone will automatically open the “Hardware tests” application as shown below. There will be many menus that you can choose from. Because we will check the Xiaomi LC, then select the “Touch Sensor” menu.

5. Make sure the Solid Black LCD is off. Before installing, please pay attention to the condition of the LCD. Imitation or kw LCDs are usually more gray in color when they are turned off or not installed.

6. Examine the Clarity of the Screen If the LCD is installed on your favorite xiaomi smartphone, please look at the clarity of the screen. The original xiaomi LCD has a pixel density that really determines the sharpness and clarity of colors.

NOTE : Based on the experience of several Xiaomi smartphone users posted on forums, it turns out that some cannot enter the hardware test page like the tutorial above because they use unofficial ROMs, aka fake ROMs.

Conclusion : If you have more funds, I recommend buying the original version of the LCD and touchscreen because the conditions will be more satisfactory. But if not, you can choose alternative methods such as using the kw or copotan version, even though it’s kw but I think it’s for daily needs to play games or to use social media. Thank you.