Homemade Handicrafts That Are Sold Abroad and How To Send It Through The Post Office

Post office friends who are creative and who are looking for inspiration to increase their financial coffers in this article we will discuss Home Craft Items that are Sold Abroad and How to Send them through the Post Office.

People abroad of course have much better technology than us in Indonesia, so if we sell online goods such as electronics or other technology products, of course it is less attractive to them. For example, if we sell cellphones, laptops or others. However, they will be more interested in products that are natural and made by hand, not factory-made.

Well, here are home-made or handmade items that are sold in foreign markets.

  • Jewelry / Accessories
  • Various kinds of jewelry made from various natural materials such as rings made of ordered silver, earring, bracelets made of wood, knick-knacks, toy keys, brooches, vehicle accessories and others.

  • Footwear
  • Handmade footwear is also in demand, ranging from patchwork, wooden woven footwear, rattan braid, coconut fiber and others.

  • Processed Food
  • The original processed foods are also in demand including processed cassava, processed from sago, smoked fish, dried pindang, dried rendang and other processed foods.

  • Knitted Items
  • Hats or headgear, scarves, even knitted clothes, bracelets, pouches, vests, and more

  • Miniature
  • Miniature rickshaws, miniature bicycles, miniature statues, miniature cars are usually made of wood

Well, the handicrafts mentioned above usually sell well abroad, there are traders abroad who take in large parties and are usually directly exported by domestic sellers in large quantities. However, there are also those who export individually or individually.

This export process can be done through the post office, how?

How to Send (Export) Homemade Handicrafts Abroad

  • Ensure Handicraft Items Do Not Contain Items that are prohibited from being shipped either by law or by airlines.
  • Pack the shipment well and firmly, pay attention to the edges of the packing not to be sharp so that it endangers people, other shipments or even transport vehicles.
  • If in small parties or units, it can be sent directly to the post office using EMS, Overseas Fast Packages or Overseas Ordinary Packages, it can even be more economical if the maximum weight is 2kg using the Overseas Register. Delivery can be done at the nearest branch office from your friend’s location.
  • If the package is in large quantities, you can consider the Export Post, in this case, it must be in direct contact with the Post Office in the Regency or Provincial Capital for more complete services.
  • For the fastest overseas package currently, it can be sent using EMS (Express Mail Service) which reaches many countries and is estimated to be around 4 to 6 days to the post office of the destination country and even to the recipient (buyer)

So, are you interested in selling home-made handicrafts abroad? Hopefully this article will provide inspiration and solutions for friends who are looking for business opportunities. Don’t forget to share this article with our other friends and also if there is something you want to discuss, you can share it in the comments section of this article.