How to Activate Mobile Legends High Frame Rate Mode Without Root

How to Activate Mobile Legends High Frame Rate Mode Without Root

This time I will discuss a game that is excited and has a lot of players at the moment, especially if it’s not a Mobile Legends game.

Mobile Legends game is a moba game on android and iOS developed and published by Moonton.

This game quickly attracts the attention of gamers around the world to play it, it is proven that currently Mobile Legends has been downloaded more than 10 million beating all its competitors, such as Arena Of Valor (AOV), Vainglory and many other similar games.

In this new update, the Mobile Legends game adds a new feature, namely High Frame Rate Mode.

Where when we activate this mode, the game that initially runs at 30 fps becomes 60 fps.

What makes the movement in the game smoother and smoother, but to be able to use this mode, make sure your smartphone, be it android or iOS, is compatible with this mode. Here’s a list that is compatible with this mode:


~For the new Qualcomm chipset Snapdragon 821 and above

  1. Oneplus 3t
  2. Xiaomi mi5s/plus
  3. Xiaomi mi6
  4. Oneplus 5


  1. Iphone 6s/plus
  2. iPhone 7/plus
  3. Iphone 8/plus
  4. iPhone X

But if you want to enjoy this one feature, but your smartphone is not on the list. Then you can use this easy method but remember this is only for Android phones.

How to Activate Mobile Legends High Frame Rate Mode on Android

  1. First, you first download the file CPUforAnd.
  2. After you finish downloading the file, then go to the default file manager on your Android phone or you can also use the ez file explorer, the application is FREE, really!!
  3. After you enter the file manager, you move the CPUforAnd file earlier to the Android folder -> Data -> then you look for the folder -> Files -> Dragon -> Assets -> Documents -> Android.

# If on your android phone there is no Document file, then you can create a document folder and then in the Document folder, you create an android folder again and in that folder you put or paste the downloaded file earlier.

If something doesn’t work, you can use this other CPUforAnd, the method is the same, just delete the previous file and replace it with this file.

Thank you for visiting the short kata blog, I hope what I share here can be useful for all of my friends.