How to Add a New User in G Suite

Google Suite or G Suite is Google’s paid service for business collaboration and productivity. In G Suite you can add new users. The new user can later be used by users to use G Suite services such as Gmail with a custom domain including [email protected], instead of free Gmail which uses the domain name

In addition to Gmail, users can also use Google Drive with a larger capacity. If free users are only given 15 Giga Byte of storage, G Suite users can get a capacity of 30 GB to Unlimited, depending on the subscription plan selected by the G Suite Administrator.

How to add a new user in G Suite

1. Login ke Google Admin Console or

2. Select Users

3. Click Add new user

4. Enter new user information then click ADD NEW USER

  • Columns marked * are required
  • Primary email: new email address for user
  • Secondary email: backup email address that the user already has (optional)
  • Automatically generate a password: create an automatic password that is safe to use
  • Ask for a password change…: Users will be asked to change their password the first time they log in

5. New user has been created successfully, click Done.

How to add multiple new users in G Suite

If you want to add many users at once, the above method will be quite time consuming. You can use the features Bulk upload users by uploading a list of users based on the template. Here’s how:

1. Login ke Google Admin Console

2. Select Users

3. Click Bulk Upload Users

4. Download Template

5. Edit Template (add user list) using Ms. Excel

6. Upload Template which has been edited .csv file format

7. Click Upload