How to Add Pages on Blogspot

Pages (pages) on Blogspot are different from blog posts. Even though they are both content charts, they have a difference where the page is a stand-alone sheet while a blog post is a sequential page of content or commonly called posts.

Page functions are generally used to write and display content about us, terms, contact and so on.

This page is usually linked with menus that can be accessed on all blog pages.

Here are the steps to create a page on Blogspot:

1. Access then sign in using your Google account.

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2. Select a menu Pages.

3. Click + New Page.

4. Enter the title and body of the page.

5. Click Preview to preview the page, click Publish to publish.

How to delete Blogspot page

Hover the mouse cursor over the page summary on the Pages page and then click Delete this page.

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