How to Add to My Drive on Google Drive

Some Google Drive users have complained that they can no longer add shared files to My Drive. This is because there is no Add to My Drive menu option.

The Add to My Drive feature is especially useful if you have Google Backup and Sync installed and want to open files shared by your friends.

Suppose your friend shares an excel file via Google Drive, if the file is not added to My Drive, you can only view and change the contents of the file into a different file. But if in Add to My Drive, the excel file will always sync.

Sync means, if you make changes to the contents of the excel file and then save it, your friend’s excel file will also be updated and he can see the updates you made, and vice versa.

Here’s how to add shared files to My Drive in Google Drive:

1. Akses Google Drive you at

2. Select Shared with me.

3. Select the file that was shared with you then press the shortcut SHIFT + Z.

4. Click Add to My Drive.