How to Blacklist and Whitelist Emails in G Suite

Maintaining Company email is very important, including preventing users from being tricked by spam emails.

G Mail in G Suite is by default set to detect spam emails, the same capabilities as G Mail But in G Suite, you can customize it further, starting from turning off the spam filter to setting it to be more aggressive, which often turns non-spam emails into spam because they are suspected of being excessive.

One of the reasons is that when a user unwittingly reports a spam email that is not spam, this will result in miss information between users in the email.

Let me give an example, for example, a Vendor with an email address of [email protected] sends a billing email to several emails in your company such as [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected] However [email protected] users report emails from [email protected] as spam, so in the future if Vendors send emails back to your company even though not to [email protected], then the emails can go to the spam folder which is less likely to be read .

Then what is the solution? Easy, you just need to whitelist the email from [email protected]

The opposite case, if there is a spam email for example from [email protected] which is not considered spam and still goes to the inbox of email users at your company. We recommend that you blacklist from your G Suite console so that all employees are not disturbed by emails from these senders.

Dear G Suite Email Whitelist

1. Login Google Admin Console > G Suite > Gmail > Advanced Settings or faster via the following link

2. Enter the IP Address of the email sender, if more than one separate with a comma.

Note: To find out the sender’s IP address, you can open the email then select the show original menu.

Look for the line that starts with Received: from… at the end of that line you will find the IP Address. For example in the following picture the IP is

3. After entering the IP, scroll down then click Save

Cara Blacklist Email di G Suite

1. Login Google Admin Console > G Suite > Gmail > Advanced Settings or faster via the following link

2. On the menu Blocked Senders, click Configure

3. On Description, enter a name description.

4. Click Use existing or create a new one

5. Enter the email address or email domain to block, for example [email protected] or If there is more than one email, separate them with a comma. If you have entered, click CREATE.

6. The last step, at the bottom click ADD SETTING

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