How to Buy 30 GB Weekend Package for only 40 thousand Telkomsel

Weekend Deal MAXstream 30 Gb , Do you want to buy and get a cheap internet package, I will give you a suggestion for a fairly cheap internet package with a large quota, namely the internet package Maxstream 30 GB at 40,000 with an active period of 30 days,

Therefore I will give you a tutorial on how to Buy and Buy the MAXstream Weekend Deal Cheap Internet Package, Telkomsel, this package is a Telkomsel Weekend internet package, and can only be purchased on weekends (Saturday. Sunday) with #WeekendDeal Maxstream

because the maxstream package no longer exists, if you buy the maxstream package it will be converted into OMG quota, we can use OMg Kouta to access Youtube and Instagram, so we can save on the use of flash quota,

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so the quota for streaming and watching videos will use the OMG quota so it will not affect the Flash quota

Telkomsel Maxstream 30GB 30 Day Internet Package (Weekend Deal), Telkomsel presents internet packages with abundant quotas and low prices every day.

What is Weekend Deal MAXstream

WeekendDeal MAXstream is a special video quota package for Telkomsel customers which is offered for a certain period with special prices and quotas.

The #WeekendDeal MAXstream package can be used to access MAXstream services and OTT Video partners who have collaborated with Telkomsel (HOOQ, VIU, and Nickelodeon Play)

we have to use the Maxstream application to be able to buy the maxstreamWeekend dell 30Gb package for 30.000

Maxstream Weekend internet package price

  Maxstream Weekend internet package

There are many choices that you can take from buying the Maxstream Weekend Deal package from Telkomsel, including the following:

Weekend Maxstream 1

  • Maxstream 5 quota : GB
  • Validity: 3 days
  • Price : 5,000

Weekend Maxstream 2

  • Maxstream quota : 7GB
  • Validity: 3 days
  • Price : 7.00

Weekend Maxstream 3

  1. Maxstream quota : 10 GB
  2. Validity Period: 7 days
  3. Price : 10,000

Weekend Maxstream 4

  • Maxstream quota : 30 GB
  • Validity: 30 days
  • Price : 40,000

Tutorial on how to Buy Maxstream 30 GB Weekend Internet Package for only 40 thousand Telkomsel

Buy 30 GB Internet Weekend Package for only 30 thousand Telkomsel

to buy this cheap maxstream telkomsel package you can use dial and my telkomsel application, make sure your credit is sufficient to buy the weekend internet package

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buy Weekend Maxstream 30 GB Price 40,000 via My telkomsel

to purchase a cheap Telkomsel internet package, you can read the tutorial below,

  • Open the My Telkomsel application or HERE
  • login using your telkomsel number
  • Enter the OTP code or click the OTP link from Telkomsel
  • After successfully logging in, search for the Weekend deal package search
  • choose the 30 Gb at a price of 40,000
  • finished, wait until the internet package is active,

you will get an sms from 363 stating that the internet package is active

there is interesting information for you, now OMG quota can be changed to Flash quota (24 hours) often called regular quota for more details read the tutorial below

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how to buy Maxstream 30 GB package with Telkomsel official website

  • Open the Google Chrome app
  • visit and visit the link to buy maxstream weekend packages HERE
  • scroll down a bit and look for the Maxstrean Weekend 30 GB package for 40,000
  • Press Buy , to buy a package

then you will be redirected to another page

  • enter your telkomsel phone number
  • finished

Buy Weekend Maxstream Package 30 GB Price 40,000 via UMB Dial

You can activate/purchase this package via the USSD Dial provided by Telkomsel.

  • Open the phone menu on your cellphone
  • Then Dial *363#
  • Then select another internet menu
  • Next select the Entertainment menu
  • Choose the Weekend Deal 30GB 30 Days Maxstram.

if the above dial doesn’t work, you can use the dial code below


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If you fail to purchase the Maxstream 30GB Weekend package, you can ask Telkomsel Customer Service, to get help about the Maxstream Weekend package.

That’s the tutorial on how to buy a 30 GB Internet Weekend package for only 40 thousand for a Telkomsel card, this package is perfect for you, if you have a hobby of watching videos and streaming videos on YouTube and Instagram.