How to buy an ON Prime Card, Kouta UNLIMITED Youtube

Perdana ON, not only prime always on and AON, the tri provider has now issued a new prime, namely Perdana ON, a NEW product for the 3G Prime card from Tri Indonesia which is suitable for customers who like to stream Youtube! At an affordable price,

With this Prime ON, you can enjoy Local Quota, Unlimited Youtube Quota and Free Call Quota to other Tri numbers for 6 (six) months which is specially offered for Tri Indonesia Customers in certain cities, namely Cianjur/Sukabumi area, North Sumatra, Sulawesi. South, East Java and Bali.

I emphasize once again that unlimited youtube quota can only be used if you use the 3G network from 01:00 to 17:00

Free Call Quota limit to other Tri numbers is 5 minutes/day which is valid for 6 months from Product activation.

What is Prime ON

What is Prime ON

Perdana ON is a new starter card from the tri provider that offers unlimited Youtube Streaming with a certain limit or certain hours to enjoy unlimited Youtube.

not only that you will also get other packages such as local packages, telephone packages, with an active period of 6 full months

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Prime Product Details and Details ON

Prime Product Details and Details ON

if you buy this new ON prime, you will get lots of interesting packages for those of you who like to stream on youtube

  • Local Quota 100MB
  • Unlimited YouTube quota* (01.00-17.00 WIB),
  • only in certain areas**
  • Free Call Quota for Tri Numbers 5 minutes/day
  • Active Period 6 months
  • Local Quota : 100 MB
  • Free Call Quota for Tri Numbers for 180 days

additional and very important information

  • Unlimited YouTube quota is only valid on the 3G network during 01.00-17.00 WIB.
  • Unlimited YouTube quota and Local Quota are only valid in the Cianjur/Sukabumi, North Sumatra, South Sulawesi, East Java, and Bali areas.

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How to buy an ON Prime Card

Customers can get products at the nearest Tri Indonesia retailers in the Cianjur/Sukabumi area, North Sumatra, South Sulawesi, East Java, and Bali.

for details, you can directly come to the TRIr Call Center or via the tri card social media
For further information, customers can contact Tri Indonesia Customer Care by:

  1. Access 3Chat via Bima+ app;
  2. Twitter: @3CareIndonesia;
  3. Telegram: @TriIndonesiaCare_bot;
  4. Email: [email protected];
  5. Or visit the nearest 3Store.

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if you feel unclear and understand about peradana ON, you can ask the KR admin, or skip the comment column below