How to Buy Maxstream Gala Telkomsel 40GB from 69 thousand

Telkomsel MAXStream Gala package, with the maxstream gala package you can enjoy the experience of watching various films, series, and exciting content from MAXstream by activating the MAXstream Gala package starting from Rp. 69,000 including 7GB MAXstream quota and 2GB regular quota as well as premium access to all MAXstream content.

With the MAXStream Gala Package, you will have many internet packages and internet package advantages that I didn’t imagine and get subscriptions to the most popular movie streaming sites including VIU, HBO, Iflix etc.

The following is the contents of Telkomsel’s MAXStream Gala package:

  • Internet Quota (Depends on the price)
  • MAXStream Quota (Depends on price)
  • HBO GO subscription (30 Days)
  • IFLIX Subscription (30 Days)
  • Viu Premium Subscription (30 Days)
  • Premiere Platinum Video Subscription (30 Days)
  • MyPlay Subscription (30 Days)
  • Sushiroll Subscription (30 Days)
  • NOMO Subscription (30 Days)

if you often watch/stream premium videos/subscribe, using the website above may spend a total of hundreds of thousands of rupiah to subscribe to content every month on the video streaming service.

What is the MAXstream GALA package

MAXstream GALA package

The MAXstream GALA package is the latest MAXstream package which is valid since April 6, 2020 for streaming various services, such as HBO GO, Vidio Gold, VIU, Sushiroll, MyPlay, iflix, Starvision, NOMO, MVP, and others with 3 quota options starting from Rp. 69,000 with a quota of up to 40GB.

MAXstream GALA package price

There are 3 choices of MAXStream Gala Packages that you can buy. The more expensive the MAXStream Gala package, the more internet and MAXStream quota you can get.

Here are 3 choices of Telkomsel MAXStream Gala packages:

MAXstream GALA package price

MAXstream GALA 1 Rp69,000 7GB 2GB 9GB

  • Internet Quota 2GB
  • MAXstream 7GB quota
  • Subscribe to MAXStream Gala
  • Active Period 30 Days
  • Price IDR 69,000

MAXstream GALA 2 Rp99,000 20GB 4GB 24GB

  • 4GB Internet Quota
  • MAXstream 20GB quota
  • Subscribe to MAXStream Gala
  • Active Period 30 Days
  • Price IDR 99,000

MAXstream GALA 3 Rp149,000 30GB 10GB 40GB

  • 10GB Internet Quota
  • MAXstream Quota 30GB
  • Subscribe to MAXStream Gala
  • Active Period 30 Days
  • Price IDR 149,000

Maxstream Gala Description

  1. Purchases can be made through MyTelkomsel, MAXstream, UMB.
  2. The MAXstream GALA package is valid for prepaid and postpaid customers.
  3. The MAXstream GALA package quota will not be accumulated and the package validity period is according to the purchase period.
  4. If the MAXstream quota runs out, customers can still watch movies, series and HBO GO, Vidio, and VIU content on MAXstream using internet, OMG, or entertainment quota.

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How to Buy Maxstream Gala Telkomsel 40GB from 69 thousand

there are 2 ways, or methods that you can try to buy a telkomsel gala package, namely by using the My Telkomsel application or with the MAxstream application

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How to Buy Maxstream Gala on My Telkomsel

  • Open the MyTelkomsel application.
  • Login Using Your Mobile Number
  • Select the “Shopping” menu.
  • Select the “Entertainment” menu.
  • Select MAXstream GALA.
  • Choose the MAXstream GALA package according to your needs

Here Admin KR buys MAXstream GALA 1 Rp.69,000 7GB 2GB 9GB

  • Choose MAXstream GALA 1
  • After that press Buy. Buy To buy maxstream gala package

if the process is successful and successful, you get an sms from 363, which contains the makstream gala package that has been activated

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How to Buy Maxstream Gala on Maxtream

  • Open the MAXstream app.
  • Login using Telkomsel phone number.
  • Select the “Package” menu.
  • Select the “GALA” category.
  • Choose the MAXstream GALA package.

Here Admin KR buys MAXstream GALA 2 Rp.99,000 20GB 4GB 24GB

You can stream immediately after a successful package purchase.

for information about purchasing the maxtream gala package easily by using the my telkomsel application and the maxstream application